Payday 3 Has Massive Problems


When payday 3 got announced, I was so excited and somewhat hyped. I still to this day have many warm and happy memories of playing Payday 2. How me and some randoms who I later made friends with were figuring out how to stealth jewelry store on normal, making various builds and then showing it off like it's some PP measuring contest.

It was an amazing time, but somehow Bayday 3 just feels so. Empty, there's hardly anything enjoyable and actually fun; probably the favorite quote of half the people defending this game is something like, Payday 2 unreleased with as well. I can somewhat agree with that, but that was a time when the developer had barely any experience, and they were handed a task to make a co-op shooter on a racing game engine, but still they somehow managed to deliver; we already know that Payday 3 had a rough release; service didn't work.

Necessary, but hold your horses; it gets much worse. I hope that the majority of the skills are bugged and working correctly, but as of now, it's a total joke. There are many reasons behind it, but mainly because of these two in combination with some Sharpshooter skills. This breaks the whole game.

dead game

I guess the idea behind it was that certain skills would work for certain weapons, but whoop, it doesn't. The entire skill tree needs to be reworked already, and the game just came out. We've had the beta service, and nobody was seriously concerned about any of this, or was the beta test actually just a way to promote and advertise the game?

Just seriously sit back and think about it for a minute of what you have There's no voice chat, so you cannot communicate with other people on other platforms besides PC. No chat login Lobby. No Lobby browser, barely 5 to 6 hours worth of heists. And a crappy skill tree system where the majority of the skills barely play any role, but others completely break the game.

And that's not even including how grindy and trashy the new progression and level-up system is, for which I could make an entire separate article explaining how stupid it currently is, even though I believe Nollie. Sorry if I mispronounced it unintentionally. I did it so much better than I ever In Payday 2, you had a pretty cool mechanic at the end of each heist pick a card to get a random mask weapon modification, and so on.

first look

You want a mask. Go grind INF for me levels, you want a weapon mod, go level up that weapon, and it's down to little things like these that add up and make you realize how shallow and effortless with no idea behind it so many things are. Why not stick to Crime Net? Why replace numbers and weapon stats?

Why get rid of the chat log inside the lobby? Why remove pre-planning? Why can't you visibly see the armor you or your teammates are wearing? Why can't I see the deployables they've got left? What happened to Perk, Decks? Seriously, you cannot even filter out public lobbies for stepping out loud.

Development, relax i love the new approach they took with changing the stealth. Being able to do so much more and go as far as finishing the entire heist without even pulling out a gun is exactly the right call. Just that in itself unlocks so many more options, opportunities, and ways of completing a heist, especially with some well-coordinated teammates.


The stealth got so much more fun and enjoyable. Terrifying, almost like in Payday the Heist, the new special, the grenad, is probably my favorite one because whenever he throws one of his grenades, you have to switch positions and regroup, meaning that you can no longer turtle in one place all teamed up, one slip up, and you have to move positions, retreat, spe, and so on, but honestly, the lack of possible variety in builds kills all of the replayability.

The highest diversity is laughable; I've only got to infam 60 by the time I'm making this article. Entirely i guess to push out this game as fast as possible, and maybe just maybe we're going to have it back one day in some update. Or a DLC, seriously. If this is their big day the release, and what we've got as a game is, this is seriously more of like a demo or a prototype rather than an actual game, but look, we've got clothes and gloves and all that type of which is only like three or four variants as of now, the rest of them are just different color options, but they charge you $40 and not 60 or 70 like other companies.


Shut up, because I bet we're going to get piled up to our necks with DLCs. As of now, the game does have potential, and I do want this game to be good, but what we have now just feels so rushed and effortless, almost like the game is still Midway through the development, the big question now is: what's next, what's about to change, and what to expect in the future.

Payday 3 Has problems on top of problems. There's so many issues with the game that it just goes on and on. Grindy but an empty and unfinished game, which already has lost 80 of the playerbase on Steam alone.
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