Payday 3 Has Made Me Mentally Ill


Today, me and my friends decided to play Payday 3, but if you didn't know, we're kind of stupid. Stay here stay here sit no, come here, okay, hold on, D. You took Michael what he took: three bodies. He took three body shots, be all the way in he was his body was sticking out the door; he was fully in; he was all the way in, but every time I shot him, he backed up because he took three bodies shut up.

I almost said yeah. I got big money for tips today. That's kind of crazy. I think it was like 32, $33, one person; no, take it easy. Imagine i can't imagine you working a job. Go get the stupid disease or something good. You know that nobody gets him without an invitation from one person. Get those inspirations, Rider.

Imagine something like that. You can't come. Justin, get off the thing. Justin, go tell him why I'm good. I bet the PIN code can be found in the accounting. Checking all moving in what you cool with that boss 9920 I already put it in, buddy. No, you didn't. What did I just do here? He's checking over here again.

Get ready to kill this guy. Kill him okay, so nothing's going on here. The white switch is for you. Wait, F43, F430, yep, and then, yes, you got the power off. Is this guy for Michael? Can you do what you're doing over there? So stupid what do you mean? Can you do what you're doing over there?


I wasn't paying attention. Get the crypto wallet. You didn't hear anything don't fumble it now please don't fumble it now Michael, do not hide. What are you doing? Sorry he was walking over here, man. Train it's like, yeah, it's like, right. Yeah, I got that. I got that one. Yeah, we already have that.

I think we're good. Then, well, I guess what is this doing? I told you that people walk through here sometimes asking for it. Okay, I found another Jose Jose. It's okay; I almost had him. What do you mean you almost had him so far away? I shot him. I literally shot him. What is it? Is there any, Michael?

For every civilian, it's fine. He's walked up the stairs I got to tie; all of us did. If we just get matchmaking a we did it all right let's see if Michael kills any No, I didn't ever mind; only half the max. We were missing five bags. What are we missing? we got the yeah we got the crypto wallet.


Dang, the crypto wallet was worth nothing compared to all the other stuff. I guess there's an armored transport in the same party. I know who's this black. I look like I beat my wife. I see i mean, you can't deny it, though you can't deny it. I guess I don't know if we're going to get ready. I was just checking out my skills.

Mak, no, you're not. I got it. Actually, I need to check that too, okay? Dumbo, yeah, you are Dumbo, says the Dumbo; no, you're the Dumbo. This is like that one mission: the armies. I mean, plenty of ways inside, one locked. We're already here, with locked doors. Man Parkour H, what's your problem?

What are we supposed to do? I'll put on my mask. The mask is up. Let's see does he close? Doesn't he close the door? Is he stupid? getting, Rooms Why are there so many cameras? Is this like a museum or something? yes, it's like, I think, no, no wonder, I didn't even know you killed a GU. I just heard he saw me kill him and destroy the camera all at once.


I'm kind of crazy whenever you get done with that. There's a vent right here, Cameron. I got to put him on the don't do anything hold come here come here come here come, inside I like most parts of Brooklyn, but places like these—I know that was my I didn't realize there was a camera in there. He went to the bathroom.

What do you mean? What do you mean? You just heard; shut up. No, you're hacking. He thinks he's that, Guy. No, guys, no more cops in here. We got STS are St sometime when what are you doing? I'm thinking, Let's rock this place, boys. You really cannot kill any more guards. This just walked inside the room.

What's wrong with him? It's probably his thing; it's probably the manager. Jose What are you doing? Michael shot, threw shot What do you think about Bud? That was all, you dog. You killed a guard, and he was just sitting right in front of a camera. What was I supposed to do about that? I couldn't get caught.


I had a gun out of the way inside. Choose one goer, I'm going to go around to the right. I'm going to see if I can find another way in. I'm going to attempt to make this little entrance. It's the same entrance, by the way; better not, Michael. Time to do the thing. Wait, do you have your gun right now?

Yeah, I was going to climb this up to the roof to see what the gallery recently installed. You can unlock them by scanning the right What happened to you? Actually, I heard M say what happened. I threw a grenade. They didn't believe in us. You know who did what; who did God do? Let's go this game I'm going to I'm going to hurt this game.

Now we've got to. Now we've got to. It's in a different play. Shut up, one back, come here; it's over. Maybe it's not. Maybe it's not. Yeah, it seems kind of over. Okay, that one's not good. This one's checked; show me your hands. I'm just them all, honestly. I think we should not put them over there, because if they're all over there, then if we get spatted, then they're all going to M.


You have a babysitter; they hit, and we're going to end up shooting some people. Yep, I know we got speed run this [__]. You get that I'll go to E6; that's a dead body. That's not good. Michael, back there, what? I'm Michael get the other guy over here; I can't see him here. I had to shoot two of the guys over there.

Can we shoot that guy? Okay, no, you got him to the door. That guy saw the first person. I was handcuffed all the way by the van dog. What is wrong with this? Why is it all the way over there? okay, we got it. Okay, it's fine. The balcony is right; it's really connected to the helicopter. Get these up to the balcony.

He's right here on that. From the balcony, I'm going to trade as many hostages as I can, okay? That's how you do it. We did it. We weren't able to do this fully stealthily, but we still got it. Many 194, 000, 18 civilians killed my God. That can't happen, and again, that can't happen again.

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