Payday 3 Has Huge Xp Issues

The problems with current progression

The problems with current progression

gamers, Are a divisive group of people, but one thing most can agree upon is that Payday 3 has a huge XP problem. The problem is in the way they've created the leveling system. I'm sure most of you watching the article know by now that you cannot level up in Payday 3 unless you complete challenges, meaning that you can beat heists over and over and over again, but you won't get any XP for your effort.

However, it's a much bigger issue than that. You see, the challenges work in a very specific order, and the vast majority of them are locked at the start. You must defeat previous challenges in order to unlock them. For example, let's say you want to rob the Golden Shark. You put it in overkill mode, and you go after it after a non-stop trial and error.


Somehow, you pull it off and succeed. You grab all of the loot and clear out the vault, making a clean getaway. You should be rewarded for your reference, right? Well, sadly, you won't be, even though there is a challenge in the game asking you to Rob Golden Shark in Overkill difficulty. It is locked, and in order to unlock it, you first must beat it twice before and after the assault takes place on lower difficulty.

Now that this causes a serious issue for anyone unaware of these challenges being locked, it basically means you'll be working twice as hard for no reward. If you are on the lower levels, you practically have nothing to spend your money on, and that is one of the biggest problems of the game. The developers are constantly making excuses about the lack of customization and different weapons.

Though they will add more as time goes on, the problem is that there are so few available options in the game that they have spaced them out in between all of the levels all the way to level 150. And with the game being as grindy as it is, it means playing the game on a casual level is pretty much impossible if you don't start hunting down challenges; you'll be stuck on the lower levels for the majority of your play time, even if you're constantly playing the heists, meaning you won't be able to get any of the unlock challenges. Being locked is a horrific design flaw; it makes the grinding massive and worse as you now have to hunt down particular challenges to unlock bigger ones, and as you know if you've played the game, the Challenge menu is an absolute mess now.

Long term solution

Long term solution

The solution is fairly obvious. Just add XP for Heist, depending on the difficulty and amount of loop you've been able to secure.

It's an easy solution, but sadly, I'm afraid it won't come anytime soon. Of course, I don't have any problems with challenges giving you XP to level up, but Heist themselves should be able to also do that. There is no excuse for beating a high school girl. Overkill difficulty and receiving no XP for your effort: people should be able to level up the way they like and not be forced to grind specific objectives.

I know the developers are constantly saying they'll develop this game and that in the future they'll. Add our requested changes and content; the problem is these. Things should have been figured out way before the game came out because they can make as many promises about the future as they like, but we don't live in the future; we live in the now, and in the now, the leveling system is.

Short term strategy to level up


It is a complete and total mess, so what can we do about it? Should we just stop playing the game until they finally give us some ways to level up naturally? You could do that, but there is also a short-term solution that you can use to try to get yourself leveled up. First of all, go into the challenges menu and specifically into the combat challenges, where you will find specific rewards requiring you to kill a certain number of enemies with a certain weapon in some instances, either by aiming down or shooting from the hip, as well as killing Zapper Shields.

Setting up armor, etc., if you have some extra money, the best thing you can do is purchase a bunch of bright new weapons. Find the challenges for those weapons; they should be rather simple at the start. going to touch the sky on Overkill difficulty, in a solo lobby and go loud right out of the gate, your mission is to make your way into one of the bathrooms and hide yourself behind the door.


If you have a hostage, it will make things easier as shotgun enemies will swap to their pistols, and you won't get attacked as quickly when spotted. Also, there is a challenge that requires you to have a hostage during the assault phase, so you will also get some XP from there as well. Just hide behind the door and start killing enemies in the required fashion.

After you feel tired, just squid to the main menu, and you should see your level rising. On how many challenges you have completed, yeah, it can get a bit grindy at times, but it's quite easy and fast, and you will definitely level up. When it comes to leveling up your profile, this is pretty much your best option.

At least for now, I will update you guys if a new one is found. I have to say I've definitely enjoyed my payday experience for the most part. I mean, sure, there's some things I'd like to see changed quality of life updates and stuff, but overall, this is a good game, a fun game, and freedom of approach is present.


The reason for this article is very simple: it's about trying to explain some of the current problems that exist within the game while also giving you some solutions both for long-term changes to the game as well as short-term tips to help you out until they make set changes. I certainly see quite a bit of potential in the game, and I hope you guys do too.

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