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After its official launch, Payday 3 has had its ups and downs, with many players criticizing its lack of content and constant matchmaking errors. One thing is for certain: if the game wasn't always online, current matchmaking issues wouldn't be much of a problem since, as players, we'd just be able to play offline.

In a recent statement, the developers have paid A3 Starburst Studios has said that they are looking for ways to make the online game less dependent on online services. I mean, taking away all this online might be a possible solution right now. In this article, we're going to go over what the developers of the game.

Star Brief Studios, had to say about the entire situation as well as a few things you yourself can do to better your chances of getting into a game until the problem has been resolved, but before we jump into this, do your boy a favor. If you're new to the channel and want to help support your boy, I'd really appreciate it, but without further ado, let's jump into this.

The problem


This past week has been a total mess for Payday 3 players, as servers have been completely unreliable, halting players from joining matches and even leaving some players matchmaking for tens of minutes at a time. The game itself hit over 90,000 concurrent players on its official launch on September 21st, which is enough to cause any server issues, but even so, things have still been rocky with bugs, crashes, and constant server disconnections.

The internet flamed payday 3 [__], flamed payday 3, Flooding social media sites with articles and screenshots of the infamous matchmaking error screen. Starburst Studio CEO Tobias says this guy immediately apologized to fans and players, but to this day, the problem still persists. On September 25th, the studio put out an official press release trying to explain why the servers have been such a disaster, as it turns out technical issues were to blame for the initial problems but were faulty.


An update on September 24th by a third-party online service partner made things even worse. Matchmaking software encountered an unforeseen error that made it unable to handle the massive influx of players. Starbury's wrote in an announcement that the issue caused an unrecoverable situation for Starbury's third-party matchmaking partner.

A new version of the matchmaking server software was gradually deployed across all regions, leading to improved performance. However, a software update made by the partner late Sunday again introduced instability to the matchmaking infrastructure. The partner continues to work to improve and stabilize Payday 3's online systems.

The studio said that the matchmaking problems never manifested during the game's technical betas or Early Access period and is currently working on both short and long-term fixes that includes looking at ways to make payday 3 less dependent on online services as, quoted by starbury's Studios although it's not really clear what that means exactly players, have been begging Starburst.

Studios for an offline mode since before its official release and who knows we might just get that as the CEO for Starburst Studio tweeted on Sunday that the team is currently looking, at the possibility with super high expectations and massively built up hype the game so far has failed to please its player base as the reviews on Steam for payday 3 have been a rating of mostly negative out of the over 25. 000 reviews on Steam the game is only managed to grasp but 33 percent positive rating As a fan myself, hopefully in the future the game can make a comeback from these review bombs, but until things do in fact get better, here are a few things you can do to better your chances of getting yourself into a match on Payday 3 for one turning off cross play in The game's settings have actually been proven to help players find their way into lobbies and matches.

The solution

The solution

The cross-play setting can be found in the settings menu under the gameplay tab. By scrolling all the way down to the bottom, another thing that might help is queuing up for normal difficulty. Heists, now I realize this might not be ideal as you probably want to challenge yourself, but with the game just recently being released and a massive amount of players having not been able to play the game due to all these issues, a lot of players are still at lower levels, therefore queuing up for lower difficulties until they can unlock some skills and weapon upgrades that'll allow them to try harder challenges.

Queuing up for these lower difficulties might help you find lobbies and matches quicker and more successfully, and last but not least, turn off the game and load it back up. A lot of players have found success by simply closing the game and loading it back up again. Although this doesn't always work, it only takes a few seconds or minutes to try, and in a lot of cases, it actually works anyway.

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Payday 3 has a match making problem thanks to a third party software. This problem with Payday 3 might prove to be beneficial as players might be getting their wish of an "offline" mode. Starbreeze studios has officially responded to these match making issues and in this video we're going to talk about them! Also, we'll go over a few tips that can help you better your chances of getting into a game of Payday 3.
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