Payday 3 Guide No Rest For The Wicked



This heist takes place in a two-story bank with a rooftop area. I'm going to discuss ways to get into the bank to attack, where to find the keys, and ultimately how to get the most money out of this heist. I hope you find this guide helpful for your Payday 3 experience, especially if you are a newer player.

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Bank entrance

Button as I earn your trust through article game reviews, previews, and gaming guides that I bring to you, In no rest for the wicked, we have our eyes set on the Capital Bank, which is in possession of a large amount of cash and valuables within the vault.


Our job is to get in, get the necessary credentials, and get the money to a safe location for extraction. In full disclosure, I'm not a big stealth player in Pay A3 because I like to fight. However, I'm going to show you and talk through how to do both in this article within a team of four. Your approach may vary, but the easiest way to get access to the bank is to go through the parking lot and pick up the lock on the fence.

There will be two roving guards, one in the parking lot and one behind the bank. Make sure the coast is clear, and then pick the lock. Shade is going to tell you to turn off the vault gate power. The power switch is randomized, but there's always one on the inside of the teller room that can be accessed by opening the left side door, which you do have to pick.

This door is immediately next to the vault. Once you get in there, it's at this point that things start to get loud for me. The alarms will start going off, and it's at this point that I start taking some hostages. You tie them up, and they will be useful later to negotiate. When that time comes, it's at this point that Shade will call in for equipment to be dropped off containing thermite to burn through the floor above the vault.


There will be one drop that comes within about 60 seconds of the dialogue. This drop is generally dropped in the parking lot by the fence that you came through. There will be a prompt to exchange civilians to delay the assault. Unless that's already happened, which it might have, basically when you see this pop up to start trading hostages for time, that's when you want to do it.

Once you have the bag of thermite, you go to the second floor, and there will be a spot located on the floor to set up the thermite container and then add thermite to it. After this, the time for negotiations has ended, and the cops are going to start storming the bank to get you the money. Bags will continue to be dropped on either the roof, the parking lot, or the first floor, which will probably require you to fight to get to them.

If you decide to go get them, you will speed up the burning process, but if you don't, it will take about 7 minutes or so for the burning to finish on its own. There is a spot on the second floor in an office that will contain the water shut-off valve. The police will try to turn on the sprinklers to stop you from burning through the floor, and this is how you turn those off.



There will be a variety of police that come in, some with heavy shields, and then the cloakers will eventually come in. The cloakers are Ninja-like, and they will hit you once and knock you to the ground.

At this point, they will either stab the [__] out of you until you're dead or one of your teammates will come to shoot them in the face all right now that you're in the vault. Here's where I think a lot of players make mistakes to make it harder on themselves, and they also miss out on getting quite a bit of money.

Most everyone runs straight for the door to get into the main vault for the big money. However, when you do that, the main door will open up, allowing more police to funnel in. If too many police get in, then you can rotate to have two doing lockers and two shooting the police as they come in. These lockers are full of jewelry and cash, which will boost your overall amount that you can escape with.

They also keep the main door shut so the cops can only come in from the top. Now, once you've collected all the money and jewelry, go over to the door to lock it and pick it up immediately. Have three guys go in; one goes to the left to disable the die packs on the cart.



Straight in front of you will be an alleyway. You will want to move down that alleyway to the main street. As you move, there will be snipers on the building in front of you, and then the two buildings to your left will need to be removed. Also, cops will repel down the buildings into the alleyway, and underneath the garage door to your right, as you get to the end of the alleyway, it's going to tell you to lower the ballards, stopping the Escape van from coming in.

Once you do that, the Escap van is either going to come right in front of you or is going to be down the street next to the second Ballard. Once you know where it is, you will load up the van to get the money out of there, and there will be a swarm of cops coming from all directions. To include a few armored El carriers that will be carrying a few officers in the back and in the front, you will need to get within the green area in order to extract an officer in this sequence and ultimately complete the mission.


If you want to do stealth, here we go. I'm going to walk you through it and explain it to you, but I'm not going to show it because I didn't do very well at it. Once you get into the bank and disable the power switch, you will have to now do a lock. This can be bypassed by utilizing a computer found inside the server room, which is randomized.

But it's normally somewhere on the roof or on the first floor. There is a roaming guard who has a red key card, and he's normally roaming within a restricted area. There is a blue key card as well to open the camera room on the second floor, but this key card is found pretty much at random, and you don't know who's going to have it.

After you figure this out and hack the computer and console, a switch with color codes and symbols will need to be pulled from two panels located on the outside of the vault. Once pulled correctly, the previous vault room will open up for you all. Right now, it's time to find an employee who has vault room access.

Generally, there is an executive in an office on the first floor; it's normally in a corner office who can be grabbed and utilized for this, but again, the office's location is at random. Now you're seeing why it's so much easier just to go loud and fight within the game.

Final computer

Final computer

All right once the keypad is unlocked, you have a final computer with four codes, but only one of them is the correct code. You find this by getting the fingerprints on the keypad; if there are codes with no finger prints, then that's not the right one.

Payday 3 is an upcoming first-person shooter game developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by Deep Silver. It is a sequel to Payday 2, and is also the third installment in the Payday series of video games. The game is set to be released on September 21, 2023. Payday 3 is available on and.
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