Payday 3 Gold & Sharke Solo Stealth Guide (normal)

gol and sharke vault

Mission: We're doing it in normal mode with solo, stealth, and no mask. It's the second skill in the hacker skill branch. If you have this, you can basically just loop a camera one camera at a time, so you're kind of just disabling them, and this will be very handy. So for this mission, we're robbing a bank.

The first thing that we have to do is open this gate over here, and for this, we will need a red key card now. The red key cards, we don't know where they are, so to find the locations, we first have to go to the HR department, and for the best results, we will need a QR code. A QR code we can find on a phone, so a couple of locations where you guys can look over here Just in the middle of the lobby, at the desks, you can find a phone most of the time, so look over there.

The second location is this break room kind of thing over here. Look at the tables; there could also be a phone. If there is no phone over there, then the third location I would recommend is the basement. In the basement, I think 99 percent of the time you will find a phone, but if you find it in the lobby, it's much better for you because then you can immediately just continue.

gold and sharke

The HR department is over. One thing that might be good is actually to just start immediately by going to this parking lot. From the parking lot, you can access the basement, and from there, you can go to the HR department. This is actually how I start normally, but for this article, I thought it would be better if I explained it like this, or else it might be too confusing.

So this door on the left, if you go upstairs, will also take you to the hallway where you can find the HR department. Be careful for the cameras, and the place that we're going is over here. You can read it next to the door for human resources or HR departments. Once you're inside, look for the PC that you can hack, so it's the one with the yellow outline and the one that you can interact with.

Of course, be careful that no one sees you while you're doing the hack. Normally, there's also a phone on one of the desks in the HR department. Get the QR code from this, because right now we will need another one. On the PC screen, you will see a name and also a function, so in my case, it was the bank assistant.

gold and sharke blue keycard

We have to go to the bank assistance office because over there we can find the red key cards. No, it's not always the bank assistant. So here is the office of the bank assistant, Is actually the hardest out of all of the three that you can get. When you open the door with a QR code, the guy will always be inside, so it doesn't matter which guy you get; it's the tank assistant.

I think the loan officer and then the branch manager that you can get don't matter. Whichever one you get, when you have him as the guy with the red key card, he will always be inside you. You could search the files; if it's in the files you will see it you will see something red, or you can search your drawers over here.

gold and sharke no mask

I knew immediately which one it was because it had a yellow outline, so it is kind of obvious where you can find it, but the tricky part is just that the guy is always inside, making these sudden movements, so that's of course not good, and it's also a secure area, so the loan officer That's another option where you can find it if it's on the screen in the HR office, as well as the branch manager, so it's always the same.

It's the office; there are some files; there are some drawers; you have to look for them once. You have your key card; you can go upstairs, and then you can see that we need a code channel, so for this we have to go to the server room, so just go to the second floor over. Here, the bank manager was right in front of me, and if you see him, you will see that he has a blue key card.

You can already pick it up because we will need it later, so in the server room, you can also see on these plates where it is most of the time; it's just in the back. It's either the room in front of me on the left or this one on the right now. On the second floor, there are just two guards. Normally, they always walk in circles, so they're pretty easy to avoid, but still be careful.

gold and sharke red keycard

In the server room, there will be a PC. You have to interact with it before the hacking will start. Once you do this, you can immediately leave because you always have to go to the IT department because there will be an issue with security. So just start the hack and then immediately get back to the other side of the floor because over there you can find the room either on the left side or the right side.

If you check the plates that are the Golden Plates, you can also see the location. You're in the IT room. You can start the hack. Make sure that the doors are closed, by the way, because the guard that passes the room looks inside, and if he sees the hack, he will come inside. I've actually had this once, and this is, of course, not something that you want.

And this is again something that we don't want, so the best thing is to just wait outside while the hack is going on, and then when it's done, you can just interact, and then you can get the key codes to the vault. It will give you four possible codes; you don't have to write them down; you can just see them at the top left on your screen.

gold and sharke solo

The way that we will know which code is the correct one is simply by looking at the keypad. Just like in most other missions, you can see which numbers were pressed a lot, so in this case it's 3, 7, and 8, and then you just have to look at the four codes to see which code has these three numbers and only these three numbers, and then you can guess the correct one pretty easily.

Once the door is open, be careful because there is a camera inside. If you have secure loops, you can go ahead and hack it like I did over here. After this, return to the screen. You can disable the lasers, and then we can move on to the next step. The next step is a kind of two-person system, but we will do it with just one person.

The first thing that you need to do is go to the manager's office. For this, we need a blue key card, and a blue key card I have already found it. If you haven't yet been in this area on the second floor, just search for the manager; he's walking around and stealing the blue key card. You have it.

gold and sharke stealth

You can go to his office. It's pretty obvious which office is his. It's, I think, always in this location. In the office, you will find some cash but also a PC. So, what you have to do is hack the PC, interact with it, and then, as fast as you can, return to the vault. The reason why I say it's a two-person system is because normally one person has to interact with the PC in the manager's office and the other person has to be at the vault, but there is some time that you have to do the two interactions, so you can also just do it with one person, but over here, just scan the blue key card, and then default is open, so pretty easy.

Hey guys, here is a guide to complete gold sharke in payday 3 stealth and solo and possibly no mask.
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