Payday 3: Gold & Sharke, Solo, Overkill, No Mask. No Elevator


This is how to complete golden shark on Overkill difficulty with your mask off on solo and I'm just going to quickly take you through the load out that I use in this article and these are the skills that I used during this article as well so first I've gone for the infiltrator on the skill tree and then quick fingers and bagger so for the escaper skill tree I've went for the first, one and I don't actually need move and cover but I selected it anyways and Swift just For The increased 10% speed overall and for the grifter skill tree I selected the first one and then the next one walk the walk and then finally social engineering and lastly for the hacker skill tree I selected the first one and then the second one secure Loop which comes in.

Handy So once you start this run, the first thing that you want to do is go and head straight for the QR, cods. Now there are three possible locations for the QR codes to spawn within this little area, and I'm going to show you where all three are: the first one being here on this desk and coming in from the same place again on top of this filing cabinet right here, and just behind where the first one was on this desk right here.

Now, in case that didn't spawn in that location for you, there's also a little spawn location over here, just where the receptionist sits, and you can actually access the phone through it. Bars, another possible location for the QR codes is just behind where the first three were before in this little staff room right here on this.


Table And for the last QR code, if you just come to this storage room right here, it should be just right here on this desk. Now to get the red key card, there are three different possible locations for this to spawn, and with the QR codes that we got before, open this door. Now watch for the camera that can spot you while you're doing it, and as you enter the room, it can be in this filing cabinet right here.

Are you allowed to do that, or can it also be under these files? Hey, another possible location for the key card to be is in this back office, just where the bank assistant is. Come through this door, which you'll have to open with a QR code, and this one as well with another QR code, and it can be in the filing cabinets or under the files.

Now the last possible location for the key card to spawn is at the branch manager's office, just at the back right here. Now be aware of the camera that watches the door as well as the guard that patrols just in front of the door, and once you clear, just enter the room, and with this room, the only possible locations for the key card to spawn are underneath the files, just like that, so now that you have the key card acquired, make your way over to the main gate.


That key card will give you access to the upper floor; just open it up, sesame, and once you get up the stairs, there's a PIN to the right to open the vault door. You can have as many attempts as you like at this; it won't trigger an alarm, so if you want, you can spend the whole time doing that. This only skips out a little section, so it's not too important, but if you don't want to have a little guess and you want to do it the correct way, just make your way up these stairs.


Just be aware of any guards and any cameras, and make your way into this little back office, and it'll just be right here on the desk. If the key card is not on the desk and you haven't found the manager, this is the route that he takes. And he even makes his way into this little office so he might he might be in, here and he makes his way back out and he basically goes in a circle just like, that so once you have the blue key card just open up the manager's office and find the server room which is normally opposite the door that you've just opened there it is patch me in if the server room isn't on the same side as the door you've opened just walk around to the to the other, side and the server room should just be there and activate the, computer, okay I'm in this shouldn't take long now once you've activated the computer just make your way over to where I'm going right now be aware of any gods and cameras while you're doing.

Now, once you've pressed enter on the server room computer, make your way back to the vault keypad. Now, at the top left of your screen, you can see four possible combinations that you can enter on the keypad. Now, just look at where the fingerprints have been used before and type the cording. There we go, and once you're inside, just watch out for the camera and the guard that's inside here for the vault, security lock, and lasers.

gold edition

Let's take care of the lasers. First, look at the control box, and just to show you again the camera right there and the guard at the top, he will patrol around the upper floor; he won't come down the stairs, and once we're inside, we're just going to access the control box just to the. Now the circle that's just popped up on that little display board is the color that you have to press on these lock boxes, so that one was green, and on the outside of the vault room there are five different possible locations for these to spawn; only one of them changes; the first one is to the right up the stairs just on this wall down, stairs, and just watch that camera, and right, here and again, left up the stairs all the way down here.

Be aware of the camera and guards, which are just on the wall right here. The last one is a very difficult one to get. I think it's almost impossible to get on solo, but I'm going to show you it anyway. It's just on this wall, and there's a guard that stands there and doesn't move the whole time, so just leave that one out.

gold sharke

So now that you know where all the box locations are, we're going to activate the switches with a corresponding color, so this one was green or blue, sorry, and then we're going to go activate the red switch. Now you can sprint in this part of the map, even right next to guards; they won't notice.

Just when you get into this vault room, don't sprint because the guard upstairs will hear you and he will come down. God, so now we're just going to disable the lasers on the left, where the control panel was. Before there, we go great, which takes care of that all right. Next up, you'll need a blue key card to unlock the vault, and you also need to send a remote activation signal from the manager's computer.


With the blue key card that we acquired earlier, we're just going to go to the bank manager's office, open the security guard's office, and throw this bag just in front of them. Just like this, you should notice that he gets a little bit suspicious at one point, so you throw the bag down, and he goes to reach for his gun and goes back to his normal State Now that the cameras have been disabled permanently for the rest of the game, you can still do this with the cameras on.

This is how to complete Gold Sharke on overkill difficulty with no mask. my fastest time on this heist is 1736 at the time of recording, so this method is very fast and efficient for those wanting to do this heist quickly. in this video i cover everything that you need to know about the level from.
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