Payday 3 Gold & Sharke Overkill (solo Stealth No Mask)


I've reviewed the data trail on your frozen accounts. One name sticks out. Patricia J shark is a big-time banker with political aspirations; she's also a major shareholder in Genek. It's safe to say you pissed her off somewhere along the line. Let's pay her bank a little visit, and before you ask Wolf, no, we're not going to kill her.

Come on, just a little bit. No, we're going after what she values most: her reputation. Anyone capable of burning you the way she did is playing with a stacked deck. Also, she's not alone in this; we need more information to get to the bottom of this conspiracy. So what about the Doh? Yeah, we're going to clean the place.

Out, we're going to hit Patricia J. Shark's pride and joy, the main branch of Gold and Shark. It's one of the most prestigious banks in New York City. We have two objectives: first, we need to find out who else is involved in this conspiracy. There's nothing on the bank's systems, which can only mean they've moved the information someplace safe, probably into the vault for offline storage.


Shark relies on her reputation to do business, and we are going to destroy that reputation. I'm betting there are a whole bunch of dirty little secrets on that server. Second, and obviously, we're going to steal all the money we can get our hands on. You know what that's saying about revenge. Well, we're serving it.

Sorry, the plans we stole say the vault is between the ground and upper floors. You'll need to find a way up; there, you need a high-security key card to get access to the upper floor. Hack the computer in the human resources department to find somebody with enough. Hello, and we're in. There's the door to the vault, which requires a four-digit code.

Open and find the server room; it's somewhere on the upper floor, but I don't know exactly where I can hack the database and get the code from. Just to remind you, we're here for two reasons: the server and the cash. The server should have the information we need about this conspiracy, and I'm betting on all of Miss Shark's dirty little secrets as well.

all bags

Come on, I'm waiting for the loot, Guard. It's going to take some quantum-level computing to even make a dent. It looks like we're stuck; actually, they've tipped their hand. Shark is a banker and wouldn't have access to this type of technology; she got it from someone else. All we need to do is follow the tech, and we'll find the rest of the conspirators.

How are you so chill? They just bled your bank dry on the cost of doing business. Yes, it's not ideal, but that's why we took precautions. This is why we need to do something. You're wiser than usual, Ralph; you're not doing anything stupid.

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