Payday 3 Gold Edition Is A Scam On Ps5 Payday 3's Launch Day

bad launch on ps5

So go figure. Star Breeze knew about the PlayStation having an old build, and so PlayStation is just about to blame Star Breeze for releasing this game and you not being able to play the game as far as connecting to online matchmaking. We are running an old build on the PC version, and the Xbox version apparently works fine.

People are using it now. Ridiculous I do not know how you stupid [__] corporate bastards get paid a good amount of money for you to [__] this up somehow; now I think we deserve some. Compensation, in some skins or a weapon—that's right, make my weapon gold, kiss my grit, and make me rich. I am [__] tired of games releasing in a very poor state, and it's absolutely ridiculous.

I do not give Sony PlayStation a pass on this. Why would you not tell us beforehand that we're going to get an old build? Absolutely ridiculous this old building is trash. We are playing on an older build, and it's absolutely stupid. Star Breeze should have been more vocal about it and conveyed that in a Twitter post or something, and eventually they did, and fans uproared against the developers at Star Breeze, telling them that basically PlayStation, you know, is at fault for it.

bad launch ps5

They have the best console on the market; it is what it is. Get mad if you want. They make great games. As of recently, they haven't been making the most amazing titles, but a lot of the consoles haven't been making [__]. So, what does that really mean? We paid money to play this game three or four days early, and you stupid [__] I can't get it.

Straight, why even have the gold edition or the silver edition? It's just literally a scam at this point. If you can't get it up and running, do not put it on the PlayStation Store. PlayStation, you were at fault for this, and Star Breeze, you should have acknowledged that the PlayStation versions shouldn't be put on the store yet.

They're not ready to be put out yet. You know, the game doesn't even come out until the 21st, but you can play if you have the gold version or the gold edition. The whole point is that if you play for Early Access, you should be able to have the content. I don't even have my gold [__] gloves. I don't even have my gloves.

corporate greed

You know what? I don't even have the mask—absolutely nothing. Ridiculous, very [__] terrible, what a [__] Goddamn jip, what a rip, and if they don't come out with a big patch soon, you know I may or may not refund this game. The controls are already horrible for this game. The recoil is awful, and we keep getting error messages because we can't play because we're on an older build.

You would figure the most popular console on the market is the number one console right now, and you would have PlayStation as a priority first, and this isn't me being a fanboy; it's literally logic here. I mean, PlayStation of all people should know not to make it on an older build. You know, I mean, Xbox is up right now, but Sony You are tossing your own salad, and it is ridiculous.

You know it is really ridiculous, and this ruins this launch for me, you know, and star Breeze. Sony I want exclusivity, launch, and content. I want a new pair of gloves with a design on them. I want a new pair of sneakers. I want something. God damn it, I want a charm. I want something because this is [__].

gaming is corporate greed

If we spend $20 to $30 extra and you can't be bothered to make sure that the [__] build that you [__] put out is going to work, then why'd you [__] put it on the store? You put it in the store because you're lazy corporate bastards. I've said this before with a lot of other games, and people don't want to listen.

Now, when this game gets fixed, it should be fixed, and it will be fixed eventually. There's going to be other issues with the game, and I already explained my issues with the game; this is goddamn. Just outright ridiculous people are paying good [__] money, and you can't even get them what they [__] paid for Sony, and a star breeze You're no better.

You should have had communications and talked with Sony to explain what was going on. That's why the fans are mad at you, and you deserve to be getting the backlash right now. PlayStation players deserve to play this game just about as much as Xbox and PC players do. [__] This is ridiculous, like the article.

gaming is dead

I dislike the article. I don't care. These corporate bastards are the reason why I don't pre-order games nowadays and get early access for most games, because this is the prime example of why things suck so hard because they come out in a state in which they don't. Work like Redfall or [__]. The multiplayer online doesn't work, or [__] the guns and the reco coil, or [__] you turn your analog stick and it goes too far up or too far down.

I don't want to have to edit and customize my controls and turn off [__]. motion blur and all this Just, it's like I got to jump through all these hoops just to [__]. Play a goddamn game; you know I didn't have to deal with all this. When I played Boulderscape, because it's a fantastic game, it's almost like a 12 out of 12.

I'm being a little ridiculous and disingenuous, but it's like a 9 out of 10. It's almost perfect, right? There are some frustrating things in Boulderscape, but at least I got to play it as soon as possible, like this thing: ridiculous that you pay Early Access for what to get [ __ ]. Early, that's right.

gaming went corporate

[__] Even though Xbox is the worst console on the market, the market can literally put out things that work. Correctly, Sony, you are unforgivable. You have no excuse. You're literally morally wrong for this, and we deserve some compensation. I don't i don't care if it's a trench coat, a mask, some gloves, a new gun, or something.

People, this is why you don't do this, and this will be the last game I ever spend the money on. That is gold, you know. [__] absolutely ridiculous. This game need some [__] work all it needs some work, and I'm pretty sure we're going to see people floating through floors and all that too. [__] Lord, you better make this sunny.

You better patch this [__]. star Breeze, you're absolutely ridiculous, and it's just lazy. You could have communicated better with Sony and, like, asked Sony, Hey, what's going on before they put it out, like Jesus, Christ, modern game. I swear to God it sucks, and you can say it doesn't, but I mean.

gold edition is a scam on ps5 s launch day

Jesus, you know I'm just literally going to go play a different game until you fix your [__]. You know that's the smart thing to do. [__] Gold Edition 3 days early, and you can't even provide us with that, you [__] corporate bastards.

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