Payday 3: Gold And Sharke (fast) Overkill, All Loot, Stealth

all loot

I think Diane hacking the garden is squirting. Yeah, don't; let's just try. I mean, obviously, if we have to do glitch protocol, do it, but it's just so bugged right now. It's just so bugged that we probably should just stay away from it. I really hope they fixed that with the bug fix there. It's so bad.

That is such a terrible bug. Let's get inside. Keep an eye out for security. According to the layout, the vault is between the ground and upper floors. It leads to the Vol T panel, which you won't get through without the code, and a hack into their database, which hooked me up remotely in the server room.

My Intel says it's somewhere on the upper floor, but not. Alright, now we wait. By the way, I learned so much from the highest today; I didn't know there were so many rules. Yeah, I mean, stealth is just so much more complex, and it wasn't payday 2. I love it, though the guard is camping; that's all right.

Randolph, after we're done with the computer after we're done with the computer if you can run through the secure area to draw his aggro in there and then loop around. Foreign, those lasers are powered through a number of electrical boxes. Look around, find them, and turn off the switches. Just make sure you get the right switches.


Yeah, well, it isn't even another code, gotcha gotcha. Yeah, we're chilling. Yeah, I just let him escort you to die, and it's fine. Next up, you'll need a blue key card to unlock the vault. Also, you need to send a remote activation signal from the manager's computer. Yeah, can you just keep that camera hacked real quick dark.

I got it on my back. We're good snipers, and it's fun, but it's just so slow. Yeah, that's why I just can't justify really using it right now. That was nice—6:38 full stealth and an organic run. I mean, it was a retry, but we did it organically, which is so nice. That one's probably a highlight, honestly.

Hey, just a little bit of a recap of that run in case somebody has questions. Here are the skills that I'm running. We do have a stealth article that goes over these skills. The only thing that I've really changed around is that I took extra ammunition so I could have extra throwing knives, which are really great for distracting, especially in a speed run setting.

gold and sharke

The most important part here, though, if people are wondering, is getting people at the switch boxes where you need to flip the switch according to the color that you are, like that's designated, you need to get somebody, like, everyone needs to go to one and you need to determine who's going to flip it when and then the person near the lasers is calling out the colors can let you know what it is.

That's probably the part that we saved the most time on. Keep in mind that we tried to keep the run organic, which means we're not using the seated knowledge on a retry to get farther into the heist because that will eventually go away. I've heard about Overkill heists, and onward maybe for lower difficulties it'll stay, but the idea of being able to cheese a seated run by remembering the information before you retry The heist is kind of corny, and I think the developers agree with that, so we tried to keep this as organic as possible by just running it through, even if we did a retry.


I don't know if this one was a retry or not, but yeah, the most important part is getting people posted up near the boxes when it's time to flip your switches, and then you want to go ahead and kill the guard in the vault lobby so that you can run the throwbacks down the elevator, and then you have one person go down and start feeding those bags into the van, and then you're about halfway through offloading the loot.

payday 2

From the vault into the elevator, another person will go down and help him get stuff into the van, just for the sake of time. You could honestly, once all the bags are down there, kill the two guards in the garage and just let their pagers run out because the fan will stay long enough for you to secure all the loot if you want, and once all the bags are down there, it'll be very quick to secure all that loot, and that little trick you saw me I know a lot of people are going to ask about the trick, so all you need to do to distract a camera guard and turn off cameras without burning up a pager is throw a bag of loot in front of their face, and then they will de-aggrow, or, like, they will never return to that, like the cameras for a split second and they will never return to that, like the cameras will never turn back on once that happens, so take advantage of that.

I don't know if that's going to get patched, but if it does, just go ahead and kill the camera guard and be a little bit more careful with your future pages. But yeah, take advantage of that while you can. It does work on all maps it does work on all maps so take advantage of that.

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