Payday 3: Godmode


Now, it's not a true God Mode, meaning there are still certain things in the game that can kill you. You can run out of armor plates, so you do need to bring more armor plates, and then you'll be stuck with the original fall that you do bring. There are things like grenades that do health damage that can still take you out, sniper rifles, or sniper characters that can on-shot your armor completely, even if you have 500 chunks, a thousand chunks, or a million chunks.

Snipers are designed to break the armor instantly on Overkill difficulty, and things like bulldozers have the potential to stun and then shoot to completely wipe out the armor as well. So we're going to load into the Road Rage on Overkill difficulty and invite only to get back the game, so the only thing you're going to need when you load into this heist is a spare, armored.

Just in case they do break your armor pleats, as you can see in the bottom left, it's showing that the armor has taken a little bit of damage and is stuck in a regenerative state. This is exactly what it used to do on Payday 2. For anybody who used trainers or cheat engines back then too, as soon as you loaded into a heist, you would start with very low health.


And it's just because there is manipulation of the armor and health files in both, so we're going to wait for the police response to turn up, but what we want to do when we're playing this map specifically is avoid any snipers that show up here. We don't want to get hit by any snipers on these locations as they have the ability to oneshot your armor plates, and as we're using an armor plate mod and not a health mod, that wouldn't be very good for this article or for your playthroughs.

I just want to avoid any of the sniper fire possibly coming our way, just hoping we don't get the H spawn that spawns the snipers in. I killed the [__] sniper down [__] it's, a I got we just going to get shot by these, police keep it coming, I can take. This I got this I killed the [__ ], shield, and then if you do start getting worried about how much damage you've been taken just throw your armor CR down re plate and it goes back to how it was, and now we're back up to the exact same amount of chunks that we And, okay, now we can get this truck to where we want it, but yeah, that's it, guys.


The link for this will be in the Discord that's linked. In the description below, hopefully this helps you guys with any of the grinding that you are planning on doing or any fun that you plan on having within the game. As always, my Dr. Join the notification to keep notified every single time I upload a brand new article here on YouTube.

One of the only versions of "godmode" available currently. There are some mods that conflict with this mod and some in game skills that will need to be deactivated which I forgot to mention in the video but will make another video when the mod gets a little more polished.
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