Payday 3 Gameplay Let's Play. Breaking The Bank


Hello and welcome to Payday 3. It makes things much easier for us. I'm actually not entirely sure where I need to go, to be honest, so I'm thinking that maybe I'll just go for. I don't know, just go for like a standard, you know, loud attack instead of going for stealth because I have no idea what to do here.

Ah, maybe this way I need the blue key card. Okay, well, I'm just going to hide here. Who's this who's seeing me? Who's seeing me right here? I have no idea this is locked, so yeah, I need the blue key card, and I'm going to assume that I can walk around freely amongst the civilians but not the security guards.

You didn't see me, okay? Well, I was almost 100 percent certain that he would see me right there. There's a camera, and he's seeing me. Okay, I need to get the red key card there as well. Yeah, I'm going to need to get that, okay? Well, that's easy enough, isn't it? I can actually search here.

Yeah, and there's an optional objective; of course, it's going to be, yeah, this guy is not going to be too pleased about me being in here, and yeah. I can activate the lure here as well, which is actually going to lure people over there potentially. I'm not entirely sure, but there's the red key card, or where is the red key card?


Actually, I have no idea, but I'm going to need to run away from this area, I think. I was kind of trying; I really wanted to try and find out that I'm going to have to knock this guy out or something civilian. And we can trade a hostage. Yeah, this is what's really cool about this game as well.

Now they've actually made things a lot more interactive with the cops, so basically what you can do is make it so that you have the ability to trade hostages. Obviously, you did before in Payday 2; you did have the ability to do that beforehand, but it is a lot different this way, where it's very clear what it's going to do.

They're a lot more useful in this. As you can see, negotiation has 25 seconds remaining. There's the thermite that has now been dropped. We're just going to pick that up. He's going to actually drop some additional thermite for us, and that's going to be very useful, so I'm just going to try to be very careful with my bullet usage as well.

lets play

There are a lot of reasons why you want to be careful with that, because I actually had some issues sustaining my ammo use last time. Ah, there we go. He's actually dropped some thermite already, so I can make my way down there. If I can just make sure that I don't waste bullets, then I should be perfectly fine.

There we go. There's some more thermite. Now, bear in mind that obviously, because this is meant to be played co-op, you are definitely meant to play this with other people. I'm playing solo at the moment, but you can match-make, of course, if you so desire. I'm just not doing that because I'm making a article, of course, but if I were to play with other people, I would highly recommend doing that.


To be honest, I mean, obviously, playing with random people is maybe not the best, so not very much. I mean, I haven't really played random in many years. I don't know whether you've noticed, but I had to carry the thermite twice over now, whereas if you have someone else, then they're also going to be able to carry the thermite, whereas when you have Bots with you, they don't actually pick up the bags, which I gotta say I'm a little bit.

Um, I'm a bit in two minds. I would have liked to have seen that be a bit of a change in this game, but maybe they're going to implement it. I don't know; maybe they'll implement it or something like that, but obviously, as I say, it is indeed meant to be a game that you play with other people rather than playing by yourself, so if you are a person that generally prefers to play by yourself, then maybe you want to consider it.

Maybe finding some people because you know it is a huge amount of fun when you play with others; it's actually a huge amount of fun playing by myself right now, but as I say, it is so much better when you have some people that are going to coordinate with you and so on, but so far I've actually found that the game is really, really good.

payday 3

It seems to run very well. It has a forward slider. It's got wonderful loadouts and other things that are going to improve your gameplay experience. I actually already had thermite before this ran out. That's pretty cool. I didn't do that last time, so this is a little bit more efficient. Yeah, I actually managed to escape before with over $100,000 in cash.

Obviously, bear in mind that once you get into the vault, there are going to be some time-sensitive activities that you need to complete; otherwise, some of the money is going to get ruined, and that's a big deal. That isn't indeed a big deal because if you are too slow, then you're going to have some big problems, and the money is going to get ruined in the process, so that's something to bear in mind.

And well, we've got the classic shields. Of course, the shields are back once again, and you've got the classic tasers, cloakers, and even bulldozers. I haven't actually seen a bulldozer yet, but it's quite funny. But yeah, now we're in the vault, and as soon as we open this up, by the way, we are now going to get a kind of paint pack.

payday 3 gameplay

Yeah, here we go; let's do it. Okay I've got a I've got to disable this. Disarm the die pack. Disarm the die pack. There we go to Sam, and if we had more people, then I would be able to very easily do more than just this. Yeah, there we go. It was unfortunate that happened, but we are going to be able to pick up some bundles of cash as well, and now we have the ability to pick up the money, so I did manage to get four bags this time.

I only managed to get three. Wait a minute. Bots can actually pick up bags, but you have to throw them to them. I had no idea that was the case. Okay, yeah, bear in mind I did not go through the tutorial. Of course, I'm not going to go through the tutorial if I've played 500 hours of the previous game, but this is obviously a new feature, so this is very cool.

Okay, can you take the stylus? Thank you very much. Okay, there you go. So now we've got four bags, and we can literally just go straight to the rendezvous point. Now, hilariously enough, in my previous playthrough of this particular level that I did off screen just to kind of get a bit more used to the game because obviously it's been many years, as I say, since I played this before.

They're going to raise themselves up, and you're going to have to interact to turn them off. Obviously, if I were playing on a higher difficulty, we're only playing on normal, of course, because I am solo right now, but if you're playing on a higher difficulty like Overkill. Hard, or whatever, then you're going to indeed need to be very careful about that kind of stuff.

Let's Play PAYDAY 3! Heisting simulator, super fun with friends. Had a blast playing PAYDAY 2 back in the day with over 500 hours in it. The sheer joy that can be achieved by escaping with a huge amount of cash is just unmatched.
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