Payday 3: Flying Helmets (overkill Loud Build)


Okay, loud build time. Let's go over this real quick. This is what I use in all my loud missions. I used this in my solo Overkill song, Touch the Sky. Some changes I would make are: I would change the SA 144 out for the scar, but I know many people don't have that. I was actually putting this on for something else.

I'd actually run Bison here as a secondary, but I know many people probably don't have this either, so Cast too is a great runner-up. Attachments don't really matter on these, in my opinion, but if you want to know what I'm running. I always just prioritize vertical recoil and hip fire, because hip fire spread is just really strong.

Close Quarters so for my sight, I try to do some range for my sight, so I have the 1.8. If I'm going to be aiming down sides, it's not because somebody's close to me; it's because somebody's farther away. If they're close to me, I just want to rely on hip fire, unless I'm trying to REO my edge from Sharpshooter A.


Same with the scar. Want to run whatever gives you the least amount of vertical recoil and a lot of hip-fire accuracy? But anyway, let's go over this real quick. You have armor bags. That's a no-brainer. Armor bags are extremely strong flashbangs; also, extremely strong tools don't really matter; armor lining heavy ballistics, And the Overkill weapon is HT5 Red Fox because you can do it.

This means getting [__]. Own the bulldozer. All right, let's go over the skills now. I'm running ammo specialists just because ammo is a very fun sport. Get 10% to get your throwables back, so anytime you get a kill, basically because of the ammo funnel and replenish, you have a 10% chance of getting a flashbang back, which is very good.

Plate-up is just great because we're going to have grit for a lot of this based off of the enforcer and cooker. Let's just go tree by tree. So for the mower, obviously, the mower is just a great skill in general. For every 35 bullets you gain. Edge is not really the main reason we grab it; we mainly grab it for ammo funnel and replenishment, but I also have recoil handling because whenever you have Edge, your weapon's rec coil is reduced very nicely, especially if you have the scar already.


That thing has a lot of kicks. Ammo funnel tier As long as you have Edge, any ammo you pick up is added directly to your magazine instead of your reserves. Then we go down to the tank tree for a bit of survivability, increase the regeneration speed of your armor chunks, and your armor bag has two additional charges.

Sharpshooters, where most of our damage is going to be coming in, you definitely want an ace Sharpshooter so that you can have almost infinite uptime on edge. Basically, anytime you get a head shot while aiming down sights, your edge will refresh. Now, it won't process Edge, but it will refresh Edge, so this is what keeps you having Edge for almost the entirety of the heist if you're going loud.

Long shots are great; it makes it so that your head shots pretty much do full damage regardless of the range you're shooting at, and cutting shots are also tier and extremely important. This is what allows you to tap to the head with the cast to go. I know that, for a fact, it also lets you tap the head with the scar.

human shield

I think that the Bison and the SA 144 might already have one tap to the head without this, but it's still definitely worth it just in case they don't. Especially if you want to run, cast, go, and scare. Phenomenal weapons In my opinion, cutting shots are almost mandatory to make those builds work because they will one tap to the head, which is completely different from any other weapon in the game.

It will change your game when you put on a cutting shot. Trust me, it is really, really good. Then I run Escapist just so I can have a rush and Loud because that heavy armor ballistic the heavy ballistic armor definitely slows you down quite a bit, so Escapist is nice for just getting a bit of a speed boost.

Now, when I do get 20, I can really have 19 out of 21. I am going to be slotting a point into Swift just so I can have even more movement speed, but I don't have the 21 points yet, so we're going to just leave that, you know, without a point in it right now. When I do get a point, I will 100% be putting it in Swift, demolitionist.


We don't really care too much about the base perk here, but it is nice that our flashbangs have an increased AOE. But we really want it because cookers are really easy to get grit if you're in like if you're in trouble, so basically if you're backed into a corner, you can proc that grit just by holding your flashbang for a little bit, and then it'll also stun everybody that you throw it at really strong, but if you're just kind of in the if you're already in your flow and you're already just going on like you're going crazy with the kills enforcer, will probably end up being how you end up getting your grit for the majority of the time, mainly if you're on.

loud build

If you're being pushed, you know like if they if they're being aggressive and you're on the defensive, that's pretty good, but if you're being very aggressive, Enforcer, it will be great. I mean, I just take them both because you never know how it's going to be. You could have a dozer spawn, like right on top of you or something, and then, in that case, you probably want to use a cooker to get grit and then get out of there to reposition.

But yeah, enforcer, you'll have grit up a lot, and then you also want to take face-to-face just so you do 10% increase damage to targets within 5 minutes of you also great for just deleting dozers and shield enemies as well really strong. Let me scroll down here. This is where I'm going to put my other point.

So, I originally had a CQC specialist build. Now, if you want to be secondary focused, I highly recommend getting a CQC specialist with soft assets and pin po just so you can have increased movement speed with a human shield. Human shields make secondary builds phenomenal. So you could reallocate some points here if you wanted, and I'd probably take them out of the enforcer tree if you want to go down this route, in all honesty.


But strategist—I'm definitely putting one in strategist—not because strategist is incredible but because I also want to get combat marking, so this is where my 20th point will go. I'm going to get Swift with my 21st point, right here, but the reason I want combat marking is just because you do an extra 10% damage to any mark.

Target is once again really good at killing dozers, Really strong for killing dozers. Now, if you do want to go down the CQC specialist route, I did say I'd probably take some points out of the enforcer. I actually don't know about that anymore. I might have misspoken. I'd probably honestly keep these in CU.

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