Payday 3 Finally Addressed This And It. S Not Good

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Finally, I have some new news about Payday 3 and where this October 5th update is. It's now the 25th of October, and we still haven't got this update that was meant to come out on the 5th; it's been delayed multiple times, so hopefully. This tweet that they just put out will give us some news on why it's taking so long, what the problems are, and why we haven't had an update on the game.

I think it's been over a month now, and honestly. I'm really hoping it comes out soon because this is just really bad for the game, so they tweeted out heisers We're sorry we've been quiet over the past few days. We have put together a post explaining where we are in the upcoming patch. You can read more about it here, and it links to their website.

I did click it earlier, and it just said bad gateway, and I thought that was very funny, but they fixed it now, so let's read it through Payday 3. A quick update heisers We've been quiet over the past few days, and for that, we apologize. It's not easy to communicate when we have not been able to offer any updates on one of the big topics that is on everyone's mind right now.

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When is the patch coming to Payday 3? Despite our silence, we want to assure you that the team is still working on our main priority, despite our silence we want to assure you all that the team is still working on our main priority, which is to get the patch we promised out to you and to make sure our patching process allows us to continue publishing them at a steady pace in the future.

We know it stinks to keep hearing the same thing, but allow us to lift the curtains a little and give you some insight on what the team is working on right now. The first patch has been sent off, and it's currently going through testing and certification. In the process, we have made a commitment to our players to keep parity between all platforms, so this is an important part of that process.

The reason it has taken so long to get the first patch ready is very long and complicated. But the short version is that we discovered critical areas with our update pipeline. Shortly after the game's release, there was a significant risk of player progression being wiped if we didn't address this and ensure a solid test environment.

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We see a lot of your feedback about the progression system, and our designers are looking at how the system can be adapted to balance both the challenge system as well as offering infamy points for each heist. We'll come back with more information on what this looks like soon. Once we can consistently deliver patches, the team will also deliver on our plans for more content for the game.

Expect to see some free content updates for the game before the end of the year. We will share more information on what these will be when we get there again. We apologize for our silence. We see your frustration and anger, and we can assure you that this is not a situation we want to be in. The team is working hard on the game that will be supported for years to come, making payday 3.

The new Criminal Dawn, okay, so basically what we got from this is that it's taking forever because there's a possibility that if it goes out, then we lose all our progress, which you know I get, but it's taken. It's been so long for this to come out, and it's good that, by the sounds of it, they've sent it out like it's ready, so it could be out next week sometime.

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If the testing process is through Microsoft or Sony, I would assume that would take like a week to go through. It's probably from things I've heard in the past, but it seems like the patch might be out somewhat soon. I don't know about this end-of-month patch if you're unaware; they said that they were going to post a patch at the end of October, which was going to have the new skill line in it, the transporter skill line, and that was going to come at the end of the month.

But I assume that because this patch is delayed, that patch will also probably be delayed. It would be weird to me that they would release them both at the same time, and by the sounds of it, this is so confusing. They said they were going to split the patch into two, but this is making it sound like this is the big patch.


I'm really hoping this is the 200 bug fixes that they were talking about, and then after that, at some point, hopefully soon, if they fix all these errors, we'll get the new transport skill line with a bunch of other, different things that they're planning. It's kind of sad that it's taken this long to hear anything about it.

I know they wanted to get it finished. It's just sad that it's taken as long as it has because, from what I can tell, the player base has completely gone down. Okay, we've gone down to 2,400. Players highest peak in the last 24 hours has been 3K; the decline in the last 30 days has been insane. I feel like there's just one bad thing after another, and it's just.

I don't know, it sucks for them, but obviously for us, it also sucks because we just don't get to enjoy a game to its full extent, and especially with the nightclub mission not even being able to be completed, like because the cards didn't work and stuff like that. Those kinds of things are just really frustrating.


I just haven't really played that map because it's bugged at the moment. I hope they bounce back from this, but I generally don't. I'm concerned, and I think what they said is that they want to lead by example, which is what they were saying in their live streams. So hopefully this does come out and they do prove themselves, but from what I can tell, it's going to take more than one patch for us to be like, Yeah, this is fine.

I honestly feel so bad for the PlayStation. People who have not had their bonus content: it's just an older version of everyone else's game; it's just had the bad end of the stick, honestly, the entire time, so I'm hoping this update at least fixes all their problems. Because it's not fair, and honestly, I hope they just get way better at communicating.


This is just bad, like them going silent. Okay, yeah, that's fine, but like, they waited a month to say that, and it's just crazy that they wouldn't mention it this way earlier. Of course, people will be mad, but I just feel like there needs to be more communication about what's going on and what's happening rather than just waiting for 2 weeks without saying anything because leaving everyone in the dark just means they're going to make up their own story lines, and it's just going to go terrible.

Finally some information about the October 5th Patch for payday 3 but it still has some issues.
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