Payday 3: Fastest Challenge Xp


I'm going to be showing you the fastest XP farm, which is not the same as the easiest XP phone because this one does take a little bit of dodging and weaving when it comes to the enemies, the bullets, and the cloakers, so we're going to go into Day Eyes only on Overkill, so this one's actually going to be the same as Touch the Sky.

Heist bathroom, Heist goat, and what we're going to do is we're going to go in this window. So now what we're going to want to do is, because the room's so small, you need a hostage for this one, so you're going to throw them in the corner there. I'm like, this hostage here will do it. It will make sure that any guard that tries to push inside here where there isn't a shield will push him with just the pistols.

So there's the FBI man that's turned up. So if it's instances like this, that would be great if you need grenade kills because you can just throw them right there, and that's going to be. Finally, I got Overkill on the spot. I had three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and nine different Overkill weapons over there, and the tenth one was finally spawned right there, exactly where I needed it.

And like that, so I've got 550 XP doesn't seem like a lot, but obviously when it goes in intervals of 180 per challenge, this is actually quite a lot to deal with, so we got to defeat an enemy with that 10 enemies and 30 enemies. The VF i believe the sky, yeah, the VF7s, so this is now updated to give me the easy pickings for, and there are ADS ones and headshot ones and things like that, but yeah, make sure you close the game down there.

IDs are right there. Make sure you close the game down and then relaunch it so that you can continue with the challenges and actually know what you're trying to progress towards. But that's all for today, guys. As always, I've been dropped by TBH. Join the notifications you want to keep notified every single time I upload a brand new article here on YouTube.

By far the fastest map and best method to get challenges completed and get you one step closer to that max rank! Mods I use while playing. Skill Colors Retextures skills to color coordinate between Edge, Grit and Rush. Killcount Keeps track of how many kills everyone in the lobby is on.
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