Payday 3. Fastest And Easiest Way To Farm Xp & Money (solo)

easy cash

Here's one of the best and easiest ways to gain XP and cash in Payday 3. All you're going to need is a weapon with any silencer equipped, but if you have some skill points to spare, you can get infiltrator-aced weak fingers basic and also grifter-basic. This isn't necessary, but it speeds up the whole process, making this method much quicker.

Now star 30 eyes, preferably on hard, and head to the back alley, Climb up the roof and, afterwards, barge through the window. So you're right, you should be able to access the manager's office, and to your left there's a bathroom, but once you're inside the building, feel free to take out any cameras and guards you see.

Yes, hello, this is not the security card; he's dead on the floor. There also should be an employee walking around; make sure to grab and tie her up or make use of her later use. The computer inside the manager's office to get a clue for the password to the basement it could be the Wi-Fi password, which is on the whiteboard inside the kitchen.

easy exp

Employee of the Month ID number, which you can see inside the main hall, but in my case here, the password is inside the VIP room. You're also going to need one phone, which you can find nearly all the time either inside the manager's office or the bathroom I've mentioned before, so scan the phone, then scan the QR code to get inside the VIP area, but be careful; there's a camera and another employee inside.

If you happen to need an employee of the month ID number, open this door to take a glimpse at it. After you get one of the codes, head to the basement and enter the code. Hello Central So how are you doing over there? good [__] wonkers Okay, right, that sounds good. Hoxton is so amazing. Not that ball-back Houston got up to the torso; I can kiss my ass to say goodbye.

And now I just secured the loot, and that's it. I kind of love this house, but on Overkill, it's a pain in the ass, even though Stealth has a hole. Overkill is absolute bonkers, but you know what I

This is probably the easiest, and one of the best ways to farm xp cash in Payday 3. Easily expect around 1,3m cash and over 12,000xp per hour doing this method. This requires no skills or anything at all. Meaning you can do this as early as level 1 and level up very quickly and also make cash while at it.
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