Payday 3: Evil Does Not Slumber. First Mission. Gameplay 2023

counter strike

We're going to rob it. Good thing I was able to reach you guys. The whole thing moves so fast that I almost didn't connect the dots in time. Don't worry about it. I made a promise to Bane to watch your backs. Yeah, great you saved us [__]. Too bad what happened; Wak has tried to snuff us all. That's what happened.

It was carefully planned. All the attacks happened at the same time, and they froze our accounts. I checked, and we're all broke. It's a conspiracy theory. Well, it's happening, so it's an actual conspiracy. Whoever did this is extremely well connected, and you've pissed off more than a few powerful people over the years.

I'll start digging, but it's going to take some time to understand what happened to the others. I reached out to everyone, but I only got through to the five of you. For retirement, we're going to need cash to get back at these I've got the perfect job to get you started, and I've got you some supplies.

Check the crate behind you, lady. I like you. You're already all right, talking. Let's get to it. Work The bank's vault is brimming with cash, waiting to be transported out of there. There are lots of guards patrolling the building; keep your eyes open. We need to get past that gate in front of the vault and watch the guard.

cs 2

The gate door is sealed magnetically; you have to disable the power or you won't get it open. Find the circuit breaker that powers it. Appointment: the money is rigged with [__] die packs that trigger when you open the door to move fast before the money is ruined. Watch the hostages Stuff the die packs and bag the money quickly.

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