Payday 3 - Easy Xp Farm. 15,000 Xp Per Hour


Dell challenges getting a load of XP So after you choose your challenges, all you're going to do is go to play Heist, and then you're going to play Heist. touch the sky, you're going to set it to invite only and set the difficulty to Overkill, SL, and Matchmake. Okay, once you're in the heist, all you're going to do is just wait for this loading screen and the cutscenes.

Once you've loaded in, all you're going to do is turn right and go where I go up these stairs. Put your mask on while you're running up the stairs, and you're going to see this vent. Simply hit it and then crawl through the vent and follow where I go, so you're going to go straight up. You have a little bend.

Here, and then there'll be another vent. All you're going to do is melee the vent. So, yeah, you will be able to farm all the kills. It's just a matter of waiting for the first response and the assault to start, so I'll be back with you once it starts as you can see, the wolf has now been initiated you're going to try and not get teased like I have, just going to jump behind this door and as you can see wolf has been down and you're just going to wait for your team to go down like that so now the rosers will then try and swarm this room and come in as you can see they can't really shoot you.

payday 3

They're a bit confused. I'll just show you that they chuck a flashbang in just looking at the wall, but as you can see, they don't really shoot you. Like that, they are a bit stupid, but yeah, from here, all you're going to do is just farm the kills you need to complete your challenge, thus guiding a load of XP, [__] is in custody, so once you're satisfied with the amount of kills, all you're going to do is call the overkill weapon, or if you have grenades or something called you, just blow yourself up or let the rosers kill.

That way, the heist will end and fail, and you will still receive all your challenge completion bonuses, which will then give you XP. On that screen, you can go ahead and click restart if you really want to, but the only trouble with doing that is that you don't know what challenges to do next, so as you can see, when you go down, you then go to challenges, and as you can see.

xp farm

I completed a few challenges just here in the space of 5 minutes. As you can see, I was level 28. I've just leveled up as easily as that. That's all that's required. Obviously, if you did this for like an hour, you could rinse out nearly all the challenges as long as you had the weapons, thus G in a load of XP.

But yeah, that is just a quick article on how to do the XP farm for free. If you found it helpful, leave a like and subscribe. With that being said, have a good

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