Payday 3. Easy Money Solo. 2. 5 Millions $ Hour



That's three eight-bags. One bag is left.


Even Solo will do close to 600,000 runs in under 15 minutes, or 2.5 million every hour if played in a party even with one extra player. The time is under 10 minutes if focused, like I will show in the article, to do the road obstacles in advance and prepare bags for transport in advance.

In my money farming process, I use no build, just making sure I have a skill in every line and removing skills from Max lines until I unlock and level all skill lines. Few are in early leveling. The best is to put one skill point in every line, starting with skill. In this way, you level up all the lines.

As you might know, to level up your character, get more skill points, and unlock gear, you need to do the challenges for infy points. For that, you need money to keep buying and swapping weapons to finish combat challenges. The best is to focus on a map that gives you a lot of money in a short time and also allows you to finish challenges.

If you are going for a speed farm map like dirty ice, you will only get XP for weapons and skills, but then you are capped because of infy, so you just waste time as you won't have money or challenges made with such maps.



Indirectly, the highest road rage is the best for early leveling, as it makes most money and allows you time to finish challenges too, as soon as you drop on Heist, pick in advance items, and unlock obstacles. The first EMP is always a few months ahead; check in advance where the spot is for the next device.

It can be random in three spots. This is the first spot where you can spawn the next device if ships get away or the EMP isn't set up properly. This shows that over this run, the box with the next device was in this spot, and another random spawn is there on top once you start Speed Farm. You will become familiar with all the spots on the map.

Run to Setm and be aware of civilians till you setm. After Setm, you can ignore cives, but not before, as will fail. Mission: All right, let's wait it out, [__]. Now run to the spot for the second device; you already should know exactly where it is. Like I said, you can ignore SS from now on; it will not fail.


Mission, on the way back, start looking already for wheel ranks. You will need them in advance to win. If you get the scenario with the car moving on the right side, if you are not solo, one player can just finish all four ramps and unlock gate 2, while the other player can set the device to cover both random scenarios.

The remote steering device gives us control of the vehicle as a solo player. After you place the device, run to set up the two ramps and unlock the gate. I'm in this; it will take a second. They have security in place to prevent this sort of thing. Okay, never mind the driver; he won't bother us.

He's trained to stay at this point; you might get attacked already. Just ignore the fight until you finish two more ramps and unlock the gate. To unlock the gate, the control is in three random spots on the left side of the ramp spot; it can be here, and if the car goes in the right side scenario, you are covered in the car and will freely go till the cross point.

payday 3

If the car goes in the right side scenario, you will need two more ramps, so keep an eye out for them as a solo player until the cross point. Keep close to the car, Time; we need to get the truck all the way to the ramp at the end of the construction site. Stay close to the truck to keep the connection going.

If you stray too far, it'll stop moving solo. You want to keep high on normal difficulty for best efficiency, so your bots do not die easy if two or more players can do it hard for more money. Overkill for four players I picked a right-side scenario; it was a left-side scenario; the car will just go through if you unlock the gate in advance, so if this is a right-side scenario and you are solo.

Stop fighting and get two more ramps to the right. Side: Excellent, they're backing off; just don't let your guard down; they'll be. Back after setting the fourth ramp, move also; the small car ahead or truck will be stuck. From now on, just make your way fighting till the end point. always Focus snipers, as they kill easily.


Now almost there, get those cables, expose them, get in there, and grab the loot. Once you open the truck, pick one bag and focus on unlocking the loot in all spots till you get notice that can signal the flare for helicopter i k for the helicopter. Assault Signal the flare, and then give three bags to the three bots.

If you are playing solo, if you are partying, just unlock and drop them all on the ground to give back to a bot. Use the throw key while aiming at the bot in close range. Remember to use this pH Focus Sniper while throwing bags. I took it out, dead. You will be told exactly where the helicopter will land and touch down on it as you look outside from the truck.

Landing spots can be on the bridge; look out for a tall chimne on the left side if she says South with tall chimneys, or another landing spot on the right side just a bit ahead if she says North with big chimneys. Buildings, till the helicopter arrives, you have time as a solo player to give three bags to Bots and drop all other bags on the ground except one bag on your back.

As soon as you finish that, rush to the spot in advance and drop off all bags. In the party, you can finish all bags on spot before the helicopter lands. As a solo player, it will require you to do a few runs back and forth and ignore fighting except when needed, like snipers or bulldozers. In this stage, the solo player always revives pots, so they keep the heat.

That is why they focus on snipers or bulldozers, as they usually kill bots. If you just rush, you will be done way faster. You don't even need to fight. We'll finish all bags before helicopters land if we pay attention to where we land in advance and bring all bags to that spot. After dropping all bags, as a solo player, take the bags from bots and press the pick-up key close to them.

one bag left if we're two or more players; ignore bots completely and do it yourself. It's nice working with the best. With all bags done, just rush out and ignore anything else if Bots let them kiss the floor. Amazingly, we did

PAYDAY 3 | Easy Money SOLO | 2. 5 Millions hour. Fast farming money heist, millions of game dollars per hour. Low effort, no skills, map Road Rage strategy.
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