Payday 3 - Easy Guide For "touch The Sky" Overkill, Solo Stealth Guided Run


Find a way around them. I don't really have much of a way around them. Here, let's see. I think I'll just have to wait it out. Yeah, we'll just have to play this little mini game and just kind of stand in the areas to start up the first objective. I also kind of want to find out where the lead guard is because what I forgot to do early on was tag him.

Wait, let me just go past this guy, but I'll get to that once we see. Him up, nope. Go ahead and hack this little area. 247, you will know all of his movements and make this run dramatically easier. I didn't know this was a thing. Once I learned it, I can pretty much shoot every map now on the first attempt, as it's extremely powerful.

The lead guard is usually the biggest issue because his movement is more erratic than the other security guards if he's coming up, yet he should be coming up soon. He's okay, so I'm just going to do this. Now we're going to put a motion sensor on his ass, and we're going to start hacking it. He hacks his radio, so he stays here a little bit longer.

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This keeps him busy. I think for about 5 seconds. It's funny how he likes looking directly at me but doesn't see me. And there he goes. He's hacked you can go now, sir. Thank you very much. Let me see if I can grab this circle. It's in a pretty inconvenient place, so I don't think I'll be able to secure the loop there.

okay Leed guards are coming, and there we go. Just in time, we're almost done. I believe this is either the last one or second-to-last; that's the last one. As soon as we do this, I want to come back upstairs and into the room. Here, I don't have to wait too long. I just hack his radio because I'm actually going to be going to the security room.

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I want to get rid of these cameras; they're pretty annoying. I'm going to deal with that. First, there are ways to do this, but I'm not going to; I'm just going to kill him like normal. Objective if you hadn't hacked the lead guard's phone yet this is the time to do so since I already, did let me hack this guy radio so I can just go right in front of him since I already did that early on I already got it and I can already go and unlock this room here SE the which is where the filing room is so sometimes when you just kind of move your mouse like, this sometimes you can kind of see the red key card through the wall like you can see through it okay but I didn't see it so maybe it's not, working sometimes you can see it was just like a little trick I was going to show you but didn't work never mind didn't work at all but sometimes when you just kind of place your mouse on a filing cabinet and the red key card is in there it kind of like glows through it but it didn't work there so we'll forget about that all right so I'll go ahead over here and unlock the office to trigger the next bit of.

Objective Come over here and open the panic room, where the button is right down here on the desk. Bean seice open, we will go ahead and grab the civilian. As soon as he puts the drink on the balcony, we're going to go ahead and poison it. By the way, that's where the lead guard is. I'm going to go ahead and poison the drink.

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Now, well, poison it, and we got to ring the bell for somebody to walk up, and of course, as soon as we ring the bell, we want to get the hell out of here or somebody spots our guard over there. Someone's approaching the bar; get out of sight now. We wait for Mr. Mason to drink his whiskey and get sick.

I think he's going to have an autistic reaction to this. I love that there's a motion sensor on the lead guard because it makes this just so much easier. I mean, we can just avoid them perfectly and only worry about the other security guards that have extremely predictable movements. He's going to go for the drink now.

Hello, guard, and he should be getting sick now, guard over there. Watch the guard over there. I love how they don't hear you at all—just like touching his back. There's a guard right here. He comes in feeling like he wants to throw up. Sorry, buddy, you're not going to be throwing up. If he is not here in the corner, he will be detected by the lead guard once he comes in, so there's some cashier on this chair, some cash, and some cocaine.

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For some reason, in this map, the game doesn't actually show you what the codes are, so you kind of have to figure out a way to either remember them or write them down somewhere. I just took it with my literal phone, which I just did. The lead guard also likes to come up over here; he kind of chills.

seconds, come on, buddy, there we go, enter the vault. Now let me look at my pictures, and okay, this is the only one that it can be. I literally never miss it this many times. I know all right; we have to check the drive to make that super annoying to De. With it back to the office, we go ahead and bring the drive all the way back onto that room.

Once again, the lead guard is tagged, so we know exactly where he is. We walk past this guy. The guard is into okay guard over, yeah, hey, that was close. honestly, I thought he was going to walk past, so we come over here. Plug in the drive. The lead guard just left this room, so it's going to be a while before he comes back here.


As you can see, Mason is here in the corner. The lead guard did not see him, which is why we want to keep him here, and he can be here for the rest of the whole run. It doesn't matter if he doesn't get detected. He loves these statues, don't they? Is this meant to be like New York? This is New York, right?

What building is that? Anyway, cryp this SSD; sadly, it takes a long time. I don't know why it takes so long; it doesn't really add to any challenge; it just kind of takes too long. There's like no reason for it to take this long, but I guess it's to be less accurate. Maybe all right, so that is done, and we are pretty much done with beating the map, at least with the basics.

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Loot, I'm just going to play this safe here, right towards the end. Walk him past he walks past now we go downstairs here's what I like to do usually I always keep one radio left for this part which I just kill his ass, because he's going to be annoying to deal with if we don't we can use the radio in the lobby came back to bait him out but I kind of rather just kill him I kind of rather just save a radio, off I'm going to put his body over here I don't need to do this at all by the way I was just distracted as I was speaking and.

The last map of the game, quite a fun one in my opinion! This is the easiest way to get all the loot imo. Buy Payday 3.
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