Payday 3 - Easy Guide For "no Rest For The Wicked" Overkill, Solo Stealth Guided Run


This is where the QR code was useful, and now I kind of want to go for the blue. Room the security room to turn off the camera so I don't have to deal with that this guy was conveniently here so I can pick up his red key card, did I get spotted, already no all right maybe not maybe I thought I did but I guess not so we're going to go ahead over here this is where the objective is this is not the security room yet I'm going to go ahead and trigger the objective I've already masked up those, so things are a bit more dangerous for me, so I go and interact with this computer, which is in the Red Room.

Which is a bit tough with all these annoying cameras. That's why I want to get rid of the cameras. It's extremely important to get rid of the cameras on this map, in my opinion, because they're all pretty well positioned and make this run incredibly hard, so let me go ahead and get rid of Homeboy over here.

I'm going to lockpick this just so I can trigger Rush. Where's the lead guard? Go ahead and insert this radio over here. Just a little jumpy and 18 cups of coffee already. What I want to do is figure out a way to grab the executive, and there are usually I think if I'm not mistaken, there are two executives that kind of roam around one or two, but before I do that, what I'm actually going to do is I'm going to come downstairs and I'm going to get control of downstairs.

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How do I show you what I mean? And let me go ahead and go through here. Make sure this door is closed so I don't get spotted. Okay, so we have a couple civilians here. I wanted to take them out, but I'll just go ahead and grab them. I go ahead and grab them. You see, for example, this lurking guy over here when I'm vaulting the bags out; later on into the heist, if this guy's just roaming around like this, he might detect me, since I want to take no risk for this guide run.

I'm going to go ahead and get control of it. This is not a necessary procedure whatsoever; you don't need to get rid of these civilians, but this is a safer way to play this map, and if you put him here in this bathroom, this bathroom never gets checked. Well, it's just something you can do, and if you want to be even safer, you can get rid of these people over here.

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Go since it's only this one lady I'm just going to go ahead and grab her I wasn't going to grab them if it was multiple people but since it's just her I'll go ahead and grab her and now downstairs is pretty much cleaned up now I know I can move extremely freely downstairs and it will not be an issue so downstairs is now officially treated let me go ahead and open this switch downstairs is cleaned up and I can move around as I wish and is going to detect, me as long as I know where the lead guard is so now I want to go grab an executive there are ways to do this to just grab an executive without alerting, anybody but depending, on I don't I don't know why I'm grabbing this but okay depending on where the executive is you kind of can't grab them without being detected you kind of have to get control of the upstairs, room Let me figure out how I'm going to move out of here.

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I know the guard is right there, and there's the executive to the vault. Well, throw them here in the corner, boy. Make sure they don't run away. What I like to do is grab civilians. I just got to be careful here with the security guard upstairs this time around, and I like to throw them here into the corner, and of course we're going to be tying them all up, but first I'm going to get rid of them you put them into the corner before they get spotted by the guy, upstairs from here into the corner hide them up because the thing is there will be another point where we will need to come back upstairs to get the Vault code off of one of the, computers, and if these people are not tied like this it will be harder it will be needing to stealth around them which you can definitely do you can definitely do I am just showing you the safest way to clean up this map, and in my opinion, it's a lot easier if you just kind of get control of all of the villains.

This i'm going to go ahead and go around the long way with this executive, even though it's a bit dangerous because the guy upstairs on the rooftop can see through the glass, but we're good to go. I'm going to bring him around over here. Guards have already moved; that's good. Also, by going through this way, I don't get detected by those two people that were just sitting by the couch, and since I know downstairs is treated, it's got no other civilians.

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I can just move here freely. Without a single drop of worry, let me go ahead and bring this guy all the way over here so that he can use the scanner access as he does, grab him again, and I can tuck him here into the corner. I can take them all the way to the bathroom there, where I kept all the other civilians, but you can also just kind of throw them inside the vault, either leaving them there in the corner where I just left them or just throwing them in the vault.

Usually. I feel a bit safer if I just throw them in the vault, but it really doesn't matter that much anyway, so at this point, if we hadn't. I would have gotten rid of all these civilians, so I just kind of put them on the floor. Look at which computer we have to hack. We have to hack this computer.

There were three different civilians hanging around by this computer. How the hell would I have opened it? Possible, but it would have been a pain in the ass, and it's much easier to just take control of the room and put them all down there, tie them up, and it makes this map just a lot more smooth, a lot easier.


You have to worry way less about people, okay? So I'm going to go down here once again once downstairs is cleaned up, and I'm going to go ahead and open the vault. Hey, what are you doing? But before I do that, I am going to play it safe by just putting him in the bathroom. Like I said, you have two options.

You can put him in the vault, you can throw them here in the bathroom with all these people, or you can kind of just leave him there where I left him. It's really up to you. I was going to put him in the vault, but I figured I might as well just put him there, so the code is four, five, and six, and that's going to be 50.

Money, all the bo, cash, and use that were left over there, and we got to sprint in here and try to disarm as many die packs as possible so it is possible to disarm all die. Packs: usually I can only get six to seven at most; the most I can get is seven of them saved up, but it is possible to get them all; it's just extremely difficult.

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I just kind of come over here from behind them, and I haul these bags onto the van without him seeing me. You can just throw the bags onto your AI friends and nobody detects it, but I don't see it as necessary. Okay, so we go over here to the van to throw the money, and that will be it for today's article.

Probably my least favorite map in the game, but still figured i'd cover it for you guys . Most efficient way to win in my opinion. Buy Payday 3.
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