Payday 3 - Easy Guide For "dirty Ice" Overkill, Solo Stealth Guided Run


Today we're going to be doing a guided run for dirty ice, so the first thing I like to do is immediately go loud just to figure out what the passcode is, and in this case it was written on the Whiteboard, 1884, so it takes like 20 seconds for you to just go loud. Rush the passcode on the monitor just to figure out what the passcode is for your next few runs, and the reason why we do that, by the way, is because the manager on this map is on a very tight clock; she leaves very quickly, so it's best to just get that pass code to make sure your run is going to go a little bit smoother.

In case you want to clean up all the jewelry that you will be stealing, and I want to show that for this run, I immediately run here on the left side and unlock this door with the code that we got. 1884, come over here, pull this lever, and we will open the crack safe. We open up the safe. Here, wait for this C.

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Okay, now we can loot it rather than take the evidence, and now we're going to wait out that guard, so what I want to do now is I want to find out where the blue key card is. I want the blue key card because I want to deactivate the cameras. The blue key card is always the key card that's used for camera rooms, so yeah, we'll figure out where the camera is, where the key card is it's usually either with the lead guard or with this guy here on this little back alley let's see if he's on here he's not here so I guess he must already be inside the building, let me see if I can grab his key really quick just to get rid of these cam, there it is there's the key on his butt let me go ahead and grab that and I'm going to go ahead and open this since I have Rush why not and I'll just come over here and grab this.

Phone After grabbing this phone, now I want to make my way down. You know what? Since there's nobody here, let me just go ahead and open this. That guy almost caught me. Get in really quick. That's kind of dangerous, so I got to be careful with this lad over here. I'm going to trigger. Now I can bait in the manager.

You have to get close to that monitor over there so that you can bait in the manager. After you get the evidence and get near that door, you can now phone call her to get her out of position so that you can grab her. Let me just wait out these officers so they don't catch me. I hate this position that he's in.

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There's a guard, and there he goes, passing him. All right, he didn't catch me, but that was very close. We're going to make our way downstairs now to get rid of the camera boy. I don't want to be dealing with this inside. We go, Hey buddy, what I'm just going to do is take you down just because I have a perk that immediately answers the radio as, well, now I can make my way back.

All right, you know where I'm going to take both of you, my God. All right, that is not pretty microw; it smells like that was not ideal, but we can still make this work. We can still make this work. They are going to go into searching mode, though, so I have to get these bodies out of here and get you out of it.

Here, that's a bit rough. I'm not even sure if I can still call her, so I'm just going to go ahead and do that. I haven't really seen the lead guard; I'm not exactly sure where he is, and I haven't seen him at all. This and open that with a rush; we can just open these in one jiggle, and I'll go ahead and grab a few bits of jewelry as, well, even if you don't care about the money for these, it's good that you loot them so that you can escape with a little bit less looted bags, so let me just start dropping jewelry here to get cleaned up.

dirty ice

By the way, in terms of cleaning out all of the jewelry on this map, as you may know, there is jewelry in the front of this map in the lobby to do that. What you must do is have two options. The first option is to take control of the room; just go in there, get everybody down, tie everybody up, and bring them into the safe room so that no cops see them, but that is an extremely difficult way to do that.

I do have another method to complete that task, that challenge, or that achievement, but that's for another article since it's a little bit more of a complicated explanation, but it is much easier to complete, so I'm going to go ahead and bring this guy over here because I want him to push the button, but first.

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I'm going to go ahead and make sure. Here, and I also forgot the red key card, which, by the way, when I came downstairs to get rid of the blue key card in the security room. I should have gotten the red key card from this guy, so the red key card is always on the security guard downstairs, so you should always loot him.

You should probably always get rid of the security room, and you should always loot that guy, and you know, of course, you also want to pull the lever downstairs. It's funny how there's just a Glock there laying on the floor but nobody notices it. All right, let me go ahead and get you again, and I'm going to go ahead and make him push that button for me.

So the reason why we got the key card now is that so we can get the rare stone, which is the main loot of this map, we're going to bring him over here. Make him push the button, and now, with the red key card, I can open this vault. Before I continue opening the vault, I'm going to go ahead and bring this guy back.

It's so strange that we have not seen the lead guard at all. I'm lowkey, kind of scared. I wonder if he's by the front or something more clean jewelry there; make sure we tie him up so he doesn't run away. Way, and there we go. This one doesn't need to be cleaned out, for sure. Is that the lead guard?


No, that's not the lead guard. It's just a random guy. I was just making sure there was CU. He looked like he was going to go into that room, but yeah, I'm pretty sure nobody ever goes into that room, so I'm pretty sure this RAR stone does not need to be cleaned out. I'm not going to lie. I don't exactly remember.

I do remember attempting to do so, but I don't remember if it works if you do it or not. Go around this guy. What you can do is going to be a nuisance, so I think I can just bring him here, and what you can do is just bring him all the way over here and into the alley. I just like pushing them all the way back into the alley; there are no lurking civilians, cops, or anything.

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Let's bring them all the way over here and leave them there in the corner. Nobody's going to see him. Now and now we're going to keep going back and looting up those cleaned out. Strange, so you don't need to clean out the jewelry to beat this map. I'm pretty sure you don't have to at all. Most of the time I beat this map slowly and solo stealth, I clean out jewelry, but I'm pretty sure you do not have to clean them out to complete this map.

Figured i'd make an easy guided run for Dirty Ice, considering doing it for every map, but im not too sure yet ! Most efficient way to win in my opinion. Buy Payday 3.
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