Payday 3: Easiest And Fast Xp Farm To Unlock All Skills Fast

best xp farm

Hello and welcome to my very first payday-free article today. I want to show you a very fast and easy method of grinding out XP in the game, so if that's something that you want to do, keep on watching because you're going to enjoy this. There are many methods of grinding out XP on Payday 3, but I personally find this one the easiest, and it's very quick as well before, we get into it Let's just have a look at why you want to grind out XP.

I'd say you want to grind that XP over cash on the game early days just because you want to unlock all. That's the reason you want to grind out XP. Now let's go and show you how to do it. If we go to heists, the one you want to do is the dirty ice heist. It's, I think, the third or fourth mission in the game.

Yes, this is the third mission in the game, and you can get this done very quickly. If you want to do it in private, you can do this solo or in a group and do our normal to begin with. As you increase the difficulty, there's going to be more obstacles to overcome, and it might make the grind harder, so I just leave it on normal to get this done.

And all you need is this high-stitchy pistol with a silencer, so no special loadout is needed at this point whatsoever. Once you start the heist, just head over to the right side of the jewelry store here. I'm going to talk you through this step by step, so it's not going to be as quick as it would be once you get into the swing of it.

best xp farm in

You can get this done in less than five minutes quite easily. Just keep on running down this street. You're going to take a left down this alleyway here, and you will equip your mask with it. With the mask equipped, we can now jump up on this van and climb up on this roof, and we're looking for this window here.

Now be careful. Cameras are placed in different positions. There's always a guard patrol in the area here, so just be careful. You can shoot out this window, though if no one's there, there's also a special NPC that you need. Sometimes the first camera up here isn't on this run now, so we just jump straight in, but there is going to be a camera somewhere, so be very careful, and there is going to be a guard somewhere as well, so there's the first camera; we don't need to worry about cameras.

easy xp

Now we do need to find a special NPC there. She says that sometimes a woman just knocks them out. The guard hasn't made their appearance yet, but they will in a minute. It's going to take There's the guard. There we go, so be careful of the guard. Obviously, when you do kill the guard, you'll have to wait for the radio.

Just so you can make sure you don't get caught, answer the radio. Call these shadows around here, man. The guard will sometimes drop this blue card; we're not going to use that, so don't worry about that. But now we can go back to the special MPC here, and we just want to take them into the manager's office.

There's a door there that needs picking, so if we just walk all the way around, we can get into the manager's office here, through the window where we came in, and we just want to put this person in here for now and just tie them up; we'll be using them later. Now, while in the manager's office, you just want to find a phone.

easy xp farm in

Sometimes it's a phone here, which I've got, so just search for this phone. This is going to give you access to the VIP room if the phone isn't here, though another great location to find it is in the bathroom. No matter where you came in through the window, there's a phone here as well, but as long as you find one, all that does is give you access to this room here, the VIP showroom, so just scan the QR code that's going to open this room up for you, and again, there's going to be a camera in this room, so make sure you take that out.

So far, very easy. I hope you're keeping up. We've dealt with the NPC without the one guard and the two cameras so far. We want to head back into the manager's office now, though while we're here, just unlock that door for later and open it, and we want to inspect the PC in this room. This is going to give us a clue as to where we need to find a code for the basement downstairs.

farm xp fast in

If you just skip three pages, here's where you're going to get the clue, but you can have different ones. Clues are here, so the one I've got now is the password for the basement, which is the same as the Wi-Fi password on the lunch room whiteboards. This one's very easy; just across from the manager's office is this whiteboard here in the lunchroom, so my password for this run is 0840, but sometimes it can be the employee of the month.

If it is the employee of the month, you just have to come into the VIP room, open this door here, and be very careful that no one spots you. But the employee of the month is just on that pillar there. It could be quite hard to read that number, but when you do, you get it, so good luck. If you do need some good eyesight, the third one that I got was that it's on top of the storage in the VIP room.

If you get that one, there's the code there: one, two, one, six, but we never got that this time we got the whiteboard in the lunchroom, so I'm just reminding myself of what that is again. I'm forgetting where the lunch room is. There we go. It's 0840, so once you've got that code, you just want to head down to the basements and type the code in.

fast xp

0840, it's going to give me access to the basement, and inside here there's going to be one more guard and two more cameras. Be careful; they can be randomly situated. I've got one there to find the guard as well. There's the guard on the Kill Em, and the second camera is just over there for me.

And again, be careful of the radio. When you kill a guard, just wait for the radio call to pop up and answer the radio. And now we are good to go. There's no one else we need to kill. There is a door down here. We picked up that blue card earlier. I think it's this door here there's the blue card door if you use the blue card on that door there is another garden, there so don't bother with that at all sometimes this door will be open for you this is where we need to head next if not just lock pick it and once lock pick inside you're going to find this red key card it's always going to be here is what we need It's safe as well if you want to do that, but also pull this switch while you're here now.

fastest xp farm

You can now lockpick these without the alarm going off, so we're just going to do that. There's two cases as soon as you walk in: this case here on the right and this case here on the left. And with those done, you just prep these for later, and I gotta take the jewelry just yet, though we'll leave them as it is, and we're going to head back to the managers room.

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