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Hello and welcome to another Payday 3 article. I've got a stealth build to show you today that you can put together in a very early game just to help you stealth these heists a little bit easier, so I'm going to quickly show you a few things first. This build enables you to do one thing you're able to do with this build: hack cameras.

You'll see this camera here. If you approach it, you can start the hack, which enables you to then turn the camera. This is brilliant for when you're playing in a group. If there's a door that you want to lock or something like that, just turn the camera up so your teammate can go unlock and pick that door, and they don't need to worry about the camera because you're in full control.

One of the best things about the build is that when a civilian sees you, they get intimidated for a few seconds, so we just get caught by the civilian here rather than just run off and cause you grief. They are going to be intimidated, so give you plenty of time to deal with them and get them tied up.

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And if you want to distract guards for any reason whatsoever, it could be that you want to get past them it, could be that they're about to arrest your friend, or something like that, you can hack the radio. This will just drop them, meaning they're basically invisible to you for a few seconds. You can do what you want even with your mask, and you're able to get past them.

Like I said, free your friend from getting arrested, and then when it comes to looting, what you can do is get the perk. Rush by lock picking a single lock pick, and with the rush perk in this build, once your vlog picks up, you can lock pick again to refresh the perk, and it only takes one notch to do it, so you can open lock picks much more quickly with this, and then when you're looting, it's also going to be 50 faster.

It is a very good early-game stealth build. As you can see, I'm only using 10 scale points here. I'm currently at player level 33; I'll probably knock a few off that as well. If you think certain things aren't needed, one thing you may need to do is unlock some skills. I've got a article link down.

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But this is what I use on the build, so under the infiltrator skill tree, we put the basic skill on, so whenever you successfully pick a lock or kill an enemy with a throwing knife, you gain or refresh Rush. That tree as well; we have quick fingers as long as you have Rush a successful lock pick jiggle or immediately pick the lock.

As I just shown you in the clip, it's very handy and bagger, so as long as you have Rush, you bag loot 50 faster. In private areas, this is great for heists where you can walk around without a mask for so long you just don't need to worry about the cameras; they will, however, still detect you performing an illegal activity, and then there's social engineering.

As long as you are unmasked and have Rush employers, they will ignore you for performing illegal actions. Another great perk If you need to lockpick something and there's an employee there who doesn't have a mask on, we can do that; it's not going to be a problem. The hacker we have has the basic ability to hack cameras to gain access to the area.

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The CCT system functions as though you had access to a high security room and you gained one run time, and on that tree we have an appliance breach where we can activate laws from a distance as long as we have a clear line of sight to them and then glitch. Protocols are shown to you in the clip; there, you can hack a guard's radio, as explained.

How that works as well. The guard is distracted for five seconds, after which they'll go back to the previous action. If the guard was escorting a player, the guard will go back to patrolling, and if a guard was about to detain a player, the guard will go into search mode instead. This is very good when you're playing in groups.

And that's where I've invested the entire 10 skill points in this build. Now if you have a few more skill points, there are a few more things I'd advise you to get, and if you have a look at the strategist here, you can mark one additional target, and your marks last twenty percent longer. Definitely invest in that, and I'd Ace it as well because you get an additional one target again and another 20 that they're marked for, so this will enable you to mark up to three targets with a 40 extension.

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To the marked time, which is very good when you're trying to be stealthy, there are other things as well as you gain more points, like being able to answer radios 50 times faster. I don't think that is that important. There's a perk somewhere as well that enables you to answer radios from a distance as long as you have a clear line of sight, and there's more as you go.

I'm sure as we get more skill points available to us, we can make this build even better for more difficult content, but this build will definitely work for normal and hard heists across the board. When it comes to your loadout, it really doesn't matter about weapons; we're not going to be using them.

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As long as you've got your secondary weapon with a silencer on, you'll be able to kill guards when you need to and deal with them stealthily. So make sure you've got that the throwing knife there will take advantage of one of the skills that we are using just to get the rush that we need if you want to use that throw the thrower knife on there, and I guess the motion sensor is very good as well because the motion sensor is going to be able to scan some targets, so you can place this in areas you want to keep an eye on, and if any civilians walk by or if any civilians walk by, it's going to scan them for you so you know that they're there.

That is it. It's a very quick and easy stealth build to throw together early in the game. It requires very few points, and you now just need to go and learn the missions and go and stealth them every time. Heist bars can be done by stealth. I'm covering them all in articles showing you how to do them.

The articles will be in there. That's the end of this article. Now, make sure you like it. If you've enjoyed it, subscribe for more content in the future until next time. Stay safe and peace out. Thank

Payday 3 In this video I show you a very easy stealth build that you can piece together early in the game to make things easier when you want to complete stealth heists.
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