Payday 3 Dlc 1 Is Coming This Week. Yes, Already


Okay, so payday 3's first content update has barely been out a week, and we're already getting another one within the next week. Well, for starters, the syntax era! This new chapter in the Payday 3 story sees the crew breaking into the headquarters of Scy Digital to steal some military-grade drone software.

I'm hoping that we'll get some more cuts to progress the story and potentially tease what's to come in the future, as for now the payday 3 story is a little thin. This heist also sees the addition of a new enemy type, the techie, with a well-themed focus on technology, namely their drones and refraction.

Shield: The tech's main weaknesses are ecms, and hacking skills seem like they're going to be the first enemy that really encourages hackers to change their play style. Encounters with the techie have been described as hide-and-seek-style gameplay, with the enemy taking up a fixed position on the map, hiding behind their shield, and forcing heisers to track them down.

You'll know when you're getting close, as your HUD will get increasingly glitchy as you near their position. Now, it's all good and well to know how to deal with the techie, but how does the techie plan to deal with you? Drone combat is their style; they'll be sending out armed drones to scout out and attack helicopters.

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These drones can be hacked and converted to fight on your side for 6 seconds before self-destructing. You can just shoot them down. I'm just really hoping they don't have too much health and aren't too fast. Interesting enough, in a live stream discussing the update with one of the senior game designers.

Moo noted that for now, a heist named Sentry T will be able to target these drones, but once the techies are added to the rest of the heist in the game, they won't be to start with. The techie will be exclusive to the syntax-era heist, but in time, they will be making their way to other heists in the game, and when they do, they'll be getting a new drone type 2.

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As for what that is, your guess is as good as mine. The techie is a special enemy on the Dozer side of the scale, so don't expect to see them as often as zappers, naters, and cloakers. Though Moo also mentioned that techies will spawn before dozers, do expect to see them earlier in your heists. The syntax-era heist and, by extension, the techie enemy for now is paid content.

We don't know how much the DLC will cost yet, but obviously Silver and Gold Edition players have already bought access. Thankfully, it's been confirmed that not all Heisers need to own the DLC to play The Heist. As long as the host owns the pack, you can join their crew and play The Heist. This update also brings the first weapon and tailor pack to the game.

Starting with the weapon pack, we're getting three new weapons that stand to fill roles within their respective classes that aren't currently available: the War 45, which is a high-damage SMG FSA; the 12th, which is the game's first magazine-fed shotgun; and the fik. 22 TR is a maximum rifle with a large magazine and high fire rate that Mi described as a peashooter, meaning that while this weapon packs less of a punch, especially for a marksman rifle, by making enemies stagger less, it actually boasts higher accuracy, as less adjustment is required between shots.

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But let's not forget about customizing those weapons. This pack also includes the bsod sticker and the Whistleblower charm, and while we're talking about customization, let's talk about the first tailor. Pack 2, consisting of four mask outfits and gloves. But that's not all the cosmetic content we're getting.

Wrapping up the paid DLC part of this update and moving over to the free content, we're getting three new mask molds to buy and customize as you see fit. A new skill line makes its way into this already-rich update in the form of Scrambler. Although, honestly. I can't see myself picking up any of these skills other than the titula Scrambler skill itself.

I don't think there are enough skill points in the game to warrant me spending any on this skill line, a fact I'm sad to say we'll have to live with for now. During the stream. Moo commented that they have no plans on adding more skill points to the game, but they'll evaluate once all the year-one skill lines they plan on releasing are out, so for now we're stuck with 21.

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And I don't really know how I feel about that just yet. Anyway, the rest of Thursday's live stream was spent discussing some general changes coming with this update. We'll need to wait for the full patch notes to learn everything, but here are the most important things discussed on stream: First, they're making Overkill harder to heist payouts.

It may change to reflect this increased difficulty in the future, but for now they're staying the same, and what they're doing to increase the difficulty is that special enemies now do more attack damage. I believe a full breakdown of these stat changes, with numbers, will be on the patch notes, and they've also increased the special enemy count from two to three.


Mio specifically mentioned that after this balancing shift Overkill would be sat where it should be on the difficulty scale suggesting that if payday 3 needs more difficulty that could come in a potential fifth difficulty mode sadly they won't be upping the amount of infamy points from completing a heist just yet and the secure all bags objective is remaining untouched until they have more data but in the future that may change to a per bag, or a percentage system along with stealth completion, that too may change to reward heisers for completing a heist in partial stealth which really in keeps with the game's attempt to make switching from stealth to loud mid Heist slightly less punishing, so I think overall that would be a really good change depending on how that's implemented.

And last but certainly not least, this update sees the addition of armor repair kits similar to first aid kits. These resources will be dropped by trading hostages, alternating between first aid and armor repair kits, so your first hostage trade will give you a first aid kit and your second an armor repair kit, and so on and so forth.


It's worth noting that skills that affect the amount of first aid kits hostages drop will affect armor repair kits too, so depending on the skills you're running, you can get more of those per hostage. If you're not the hostage-taking type, no worries, as dozers now drop these armor repair kits instead of a first aid kit, which is a much more fitting thing for them to drop.

This week Starbreeze has given us a lot of information about the upcoming Payday 3 Update.
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