Payday 3 Dirty Ice Stealth Solo (normal) How To Open Vault And Loot Vip Room

dirty ice

Welcome back to another article. So guys, today we are playing the dirty ice mission in Payday 3 in normal mode. We're doing it fully stealth, we're going to do it solo, and we're going to equip our masks. I'm working on a no-mask version, but I haven't found it yet, so for this mission, we're going to rob a jewelry store.

There are two spawn locations where you can spawn. You can either spawn in the center or on the right side; it doesn't really matter first. The thing I go and do is go inside. This is the manager. By the way, we will need her later, and I'm behind the manager. There is an employee of the month sign.

This code is one of the possible codes for the basement, so just go ahead and remember it just in case. If you want, you can start looting already, so there are some display cases that you can just open. Just make sure that no one is observing you, and if some things are just standing there, you can also grab them again.

Make sure he is observing you now. I didn't grab too much over here because the main things that we want are in the vault and then also in the VIP room, and that's of course what we want. We want the big money, sorry, and also all of the things in the standard display public area. I don't really think you can grab them in stealth mode, then.

dirty ice basement code

Go ahead and go to the left side. Go to this fence and lock it. Pick it there is a guard patrolling here. Make sure that he doesn't see you. And then over here, what you're looking for is a blue key card on the back of the guard and also a phone on the floor, in my case. None of those two were here, so we have to go find it somewhere else, but over there, you can find a blue key card and a phone if they're over there.

scan the phone and also take the key cards if they're not over there. come all the way over here, so to the other side of the store, you can see by the way over here on the right there is a van that we will use to escape, so keep that in mind, but the other location where the phone can be is over here, so you can just take it.

dirty ice open vault

You can just walk around as you like, and then you can use the QR code that you found on the phone to unlock this door over here now. Be careful again. There is a guard patrolling, so make sure he doesn't see you. Another option is that there is a door on the other side where we went before. We could also open it with the QR codes, but just open one of those two.

Don't try to open both; you will find other phones as well, but you will need those QR codes then. When you're inside, if the guard isn't there, the first thing you can do is open this door on the left, and this will be the office of the manager. Also, make sure that the employees don't see you. Usually, you get like a question mark or an exclamation mark if someone is seeing you, so just stop then and do it when they're gone in.

In the office, you will find a phone; it's either on the desk on the couch or maybe next to the coffee machine on the left, and then what you want to do is hack the computer. First of all, for the multi-tag scanner, which I will explain in a bit, you will need the manager. This is really important.

dirty ice solo

Therefore, in the vault, you need two people, so it's a two-person system. To the restroom or the toilet, however you want to call it, get the code, the QR code, from this phone over here, then on the left, make sure that the guard isn't there. By the way, you will find the lunchroom on the whiteboard.

You will see the Wi-Fi password, so this is in my case the password for the basement, and then also over here, either on this table or on the countertop in the kitchen, there is again a phone. Get the QR code from this as well. So right now I used one QR code, but I still have three left, and this is really important because you will need all of them.

The next thing is going to the basement, so we found the code, which was the Wi-Fi password. There are two different entrances to the basement, and both of them will use the same code. The first one is over here at the right location now. I was a little bit too fast over here, so the guard saw me normally going back there again past him, which he did, but just wait until he did, but just wait until he's gone, and then you can go ahead and go to the right; it's a private area, so if the guard catches you without your mask, it's no issue.

dirty ice solo normal

By the way, when it's gone, you can run down, and then you will see this keypad, so just type in the Wi-Fi code or the number of the employee of the month, and then the door is going to open now. In the basement, there are normally two cameras. His patrol route is always kind of the same, but it's also slightly different each time you do the heist.

So the first door that you want to get into is this one on the left. Make sure that you don't get seen by the camera. You have to lock and pick the store, and what you will find behind this one is very important, so there are three things: First of all, the red key cards that you need for the vault, then this switch over here, which is for the display cases, so it's kind of a safety for the display cases that you will turn off, and then also this safe over here, which will have a document that we will use to lure in the manager into our office so that we can kidnap her.

dirty ice solo stealth

I was kind of struggling here with the save, but the system is pretty easy when it starts vibrating, and when it turns green, just wait a bit, and then you have to do this three times, so, in the safe, only documents, no cash, sadly, but you have to wait like five seconds before you will get the option to scan the documents and take the evidence now, when you're out again.

Be careful for the camera and also be careful for the guard, but we also have to do one more thing in the basement, and that's basically take out the guy in the camera room or the security room because if we do this, all of the cameras will be disabled now. I forgot the blue key card, so like I said, the guards that we went to in the beginning might have it; if he doesn't have it, it's the guard on the other side, so I forgot to get this, so it's basically here on the right; discard patrolling here, which also goes inside, and he will have the blue key cards or the guards on the left with the gates that we opened.

dirty ice solo stealth normal

If you guys remember, let's get the blue key card from one of those two guards, and then you can enter the camera room or the security room, the same as I did in the first mission, so no rest for the wicked. If you saw my article, you just take out this guy over here, and then all of the cameras will be disabled, and you can move very freely.

It will be very easy, so to do this, of course, you will have to twist your mask. From this moment on, if any employee sees you, they will get alert, so you have to be kind of more careful. But the good side is, of course, that you don't have to worry about the cameras. Don't forget to answer the radio.

hey guys, here is a stealth solo guide for the dirty ice missions in payday 3. In this video i show how to loot everything in the vip showroom and also the vault. The entire mission is done stealth without the alarm going off and solo. I did equip my mask.
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