Payday 3 Dirty Ice Solo Stealth Overkill Guide

dirty ice

Welcome back to another article. So guys, we're back with some payday 3 dirty ice Overkill solo stealth with mask, and also in this article I will be taking all the loot in the VIP room and also from The Vault. I won't be taking the loot from the main showroom if you want to do this. You can do this by definitely lowering the blinds in the beginning.

You can lower the blinds by pressing the small white button next to each window. But like I said, I will only be doing the VIP room and the vault. The first thing that I do is go to the head guard; I think he's always on the left side over here. I place a micro camera on his back, and we do this because then we can kind of track him at all times, and this will be very useful towards the end of the mission.

Then we need to find a phone so that we can get a QR code. The first possible location is over here on the left side of the car; the second location is over there on the other side of this fence. It's basically like a wooden box; you can walk all the way around, or you can just pick the lock of that fence.

dirty ice overkill

Then, when you have a QR code, you can enter the building from the back or from the side, and this way you can access the office area and later on also the VIP area or the VIP showroom. When you enter, the first door on the left is the manager's office. First of all, there will be a phone somewhere, so just look around for a QR code, which we will need for the VIP room.

Hack the PC, and then in one of the emails you will find the basement code, which can first of all be on the whiteboard in the break room. By the way, the guard that was patrolling over there can also have the blue key card; if he has it, grab it. In my case, you can read in this email that the basement code is in the VIP room, and then the third possible location is in the main show room, so the public area, and it's the employee ID of the manager, which you can just find on a picture on the wall.

So for the VIP room, it's basically on this island or table in the middle, and it's written on a notepad, so just be careful for the camera. So the next thing that we have to do is go to the basement and open it with this code that we just found. By the way, I also just want to mention that I also have a guide on dirty ice in normal mode.

dirty ice overkill guide

If it's your first time doing this mission in stealth, I really recommend that you first try to do it in normal mode, and then it will be a lot easier to do it in Overkill. But I have to say it's pretty similar, so if you want, you can also just try it immediately in Overkill, but in the normal article.

I actually explain a bit more and I do it, which I think is also a bit slower. When you're in the basement, first of all, the guards might be carrying the red key card, so if that's the case, make sure to grab it. The red key card, by the way, is needed to open the vault. And then in the basement, there are two things that we're going to do.

First of all, there is a switch in the door over here on the right that we're going to switch off to turn off the alarm for the display cases of the jewelry in the VIP room. And then the second thing that we're going to do is we're going to take out the guard in the security room who is watching the camera footage so that we can disable all of the cameras.

dirty ice solo

Now in this room over here, there's also a safe. In this safe, you can also find the red key card. Besides this, in this safe, there's also some documents, but in Overkill mode, to be honest, I don't use these, so just turn off the switch and then you can exit the room. The reason why I don't use these documents in overkill mode is because normally you use them to blackmail the manager.

But I think in Overkill mode, the manager leaves much faster, and after she leaves, you cannot really do this part of the mission anymore, so we're just going to do it without, but if you watch my article in normal mode, you will see what I mean about the part with the documents, but it doesn't really matter that much.

dirty ice solo stealth

So the second thing is going to this room, the security room, and then masking up and taking out this guy. After this moment, you don't have to worry about anything anymore, but you do have to worry about civilians because we're now masked up, so they cannot see us anymore. This way, the cameras will also be disabled, and you can distract them by throwing a bag next to him, like a bag of loot or a knife.

If you do this, you don't have to answer the radio, and you can actually kill another guard somewhere else during the mission. Now, I'm not sure if this method works in a secure area. I think it only works in a private area; to be honest. I haven't tried it, but if it does work in a secure area, you can also do this in this mission, and then you can kill another guard, which will make it easier to take out all of the loot, for example, but to be honest.

I did it without and it wasn't really necessary. So when you return from the basement, you can now open the display cases. You should tie up, of course, the civilian in the showroom because you don't want him to annoy you. I do it behind this table or island because sometimes the headu guards, or actually most of the time, the headu guards, will also enter the VIP room, and if you place the civilian there, he won't be able to see it.

dirty ice solo stealth overkill

If you have quick fingers, you will be able to open all of the display cases much faster, so I really recommend that you use this, but it's not really necessary in principle. You can do this mission in Overkill mode without anything or any skill. The only thing that you really need is a gun with a suppressor, but even that you don't need because if you want to take out the guards, you can also just take them down by strangling them.

Then you can start to take the loot in the VIP room, which you don't really need to carry, so the small things. To be honest, these are not worth that much, but it's just free money, so why not take them? And bring him to the manager's office because to open the vault, it's a two-way system, so first of all, what you have to do is you have to shove a civilian in front of this red button; they will press it, and then in a few seconds of time, you will have to use the red key card next to the vault door, and then the vault will open.

dirty ice solo stealth overkill guide

So over here, I was too slow, so I had to do it again. Then this civilian. I wouldn't let him in the office because sometimes there's also a regular guard patrolling in the manager's office as well, so I would just recommend that you shove him in this restroom over here, and of course, don't forget to tie him up.

hey guys here is a solo stealth overkill guide for payday 3 dirty ice. In this video i show how to open the vault and how to get in the vip showroom.
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