Payday 3: Dirty Ice. Overkill, Solo Stealth, No Mask

all loot

But it does seem completely pointless, and I guess they made it, so they had to Nerf them from Payday 2, obviously because ACM rushing was just silly, but my God, they made them useless. All right, boys, let's go bring these out. This map is perfect on XP on normal. Just rush it to 900+ XP in under five minutes.

I don't really care too much about my weapon, XP. If I'm being honest, vertica, it's good. I probably won't use that. Okay, God, that's the information. Yeah, I only really care about character XP because I want those skill points. I definitely have some nasty skills that I'm coping with. Sincerely, that's two bags.

We were doing a lot of overkill on loud today. We did like a plenty of maps on Overkill loud, and I started cooking up a build that was pretty strong to be able to One Tap all the regular enemies with the cast to go, so I decided to do like a little hostage like a human shield build, and we made it pretty far overkill on road rage by ourselves.

We're going to have to probably put some skills into medic so we can benefit from the AI being trash, so I've been picking up some things to pull off a solo Overkill loud road rage. Hey, I'm looking forward to pulling that off if I can anyway. Coins for me: do you think they're going to add melee weapons like Katana swords, axes, etc.

dirty ice

and builds for them? I do think they definitely should. I mean, it was always a really fun time to do that on Payday 2. No, I would like it if they could go down the goofy route again. I know that this game seems a little bit more serious, so you know, I'm kind of expecting them not to go down that route, but I would love for them to do it.

I think that's like the heart of payday, if I'm being honest, that kind of stuff. Something's loose, yet no, we're not going to go for it all. I only care about getting as many bags as we can. I mean, that's as many bags as you can get unmasked, so there you go; there's unmasked dirty ice. It is what it is,

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