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Casing the joint / accessing vip showroom

Casing the joint / accessing vip showroom

dirty ice

But we're going to be taking over the showroom at the very end, and then I always take out the two alleyway guards. The one usually goes inside, so that's when I take him out and buy that civilian. This phone and usually it can spawn in two spots either on this counter or on the couch in the room and, this time it was in the counter go over to the computer and we're actually just going to the computer just to get the where the basement code is which in this case it is going to meet on this whiteboard in the break room it's going to be zero one five but before we head there I always go to the VIP showroom there's gonna be one camera in here usually on the left side or the right side left, here and then there's gonna be one person in the showroom I always take them out you can press the middle Mouse button and make them get down but sometimes it's just easier to throw them down now for the basement I actually changed it up I used to go to the other entrance now I go to this one because it is closer to that room right across the way that you need to get to as you can see I have, lock picking skill for that ability so it's one click and as long as I avoid the camera and then guard in the room I'll get there pretty easily.

Then you want to go open the save. You need those documents for the manager, and I forgot to mention that you want to go as quickly as possible for this part because the manager is only in the store for so long, and then she's just going to be unavailable and leave the store. So that's why I was going very quickly with this because sometimes I have lost it when the manager just leaves and I have lost access to the jewelry workshop.

So I turned up the power and noticed the guard wasn't watching this way. I had to wait just a minute. I think he actually walked the other way up there. We go, and then we just have to avoid the camera. Go out of this entrance again, and we are pretty good now. We're saving that last radio click for the main room with that one guard.

It's going to be tricky, just to warn you. Now we're going to go ahead and call this phone, so the manager answers and comes to check her office. Wafer I usually shoot up these display cases because it is part of one of the challenges to earn your XP, and I need the loose Loop in there anyways and it's something to do while we wait for the manager but, as soon as she gets done with her phone call she'll be coming through that door and in the meantime I'm looting as much as I can because I'm trying to save time and the sooner you get done with the heist the sooner you can start the next one she'll come in that door closing you just take her and grab her and push her to that eye scanner right over there and then as soon as she's done with her eye scanner you can go ahead and, tie her up I usually like to throw the hostages here in that corner wall like.

Looting vip showroom

Looting vip showroom

I said before that just to be safe and make sure nothing else goes wrong, when you come in here, you're going to have one camera right there. This door I like to leave open because sometimes the guard will see that camera run over to it, and then you have a free way to take him out without alerting anyone else, but in the meantime.

I'm going to open up all these cases. I prefer to do these bags first plus the safe bag to get your first six bags and all the loot in here, and then we can worry about the main room later on. It's right here, as you can see. I make sure to grab all six bags and just make sure to throw them in the machine.

Get that going, because the machine does take a while. Prayer bag i kind of wish there was a skill to make it go a little bit faster, but I do not believe there is, and it just takes a little bit of time.

Taking out lobby guard & getting treasure

And then sometimes, if you run with that door open, the guard will actually be alerted and come check it out anyway.

Check out that camera, as you can see, and then I take him out. Just close that door, and the final guard is actually taken care of. All I have to do is answer his radio, and then I will usually move them away from that door because, when we do the main room, we're going to have to keep constantly checking for civilians, and I'm going to have to take out those cameras so no one sees the bodies.

I have to move him out of the way as well.

Carefully clearing the lobby

Carefully clearing the lobby

While I'm waiting for the bags, I actually decided to start checking the room. From what I've noticed is on hard at least two or three people come into the room at a time, then they leave, and then you usually have a few seconds before anybody else comes in the store, and then usually on the back wall, those few people are there for a while, if not permanently.

I snuck around and saw nobody in the room right there. I could take care of this employee who was standing next to that door real quick and get her taken care of now. I will say this is about as perfect of a run as you can wish for that I've gotten here. It can be very tricky to get these employees; it takes some practice to get them without alerting everyone.

dirty ice guide

Then you can actually do it without alerting everyone. Just run into the room and make everyone get down. It's a lot harder, so I found out that this way today is actually a little bit easier, as you can see in 2.2. Customers, right there, sorry. I said employees; they came in; they're talking to the front employee, looking around shopping.

It's not an ideal way to go about it, so I'm like, okay. I have to wait because they're in there looking around. Another customer right there and then while I do that I'm like more jewelry is done let's keep on multitasking and wait till the store clears out a little bit before we go ahead and take care of more people in the main room, now I go over here because there's actually an employee right there but I'm trying to watch because those customers are still being helped by the Center employee at the jewelry cases and I'm waiting for this one customer to walk away before I try and grab this employee right here without anyone noticing and, usually you have a few seconds make sure to hurry up and get them inside that door and watch it so because there's a window right there that I try to stay away from and I push them in the back of the room so nobody in the window will usually see them and then that is another employee down.

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So with that bag, I have done all six bags from the start of the highest inside this room with the treasure, and now I just have to be very patient and watch where the customers are. As you can see on the back wall, they are usually there for a long time, if not the whole time, from what I've noticed, and then I always watch the front door to see who's at the main counter being helped by the associate.

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