Payday 3: Dirty Ice, 3 Mins Or Less Every Game On Solo, Overkill Difficulty


This is how to complete dirty ice in under 3 minutes on Overkill difficulty every single time. Now, the first thing that I do when I spawn is put my mask on and run straight over to this window and shoot it. Open this door and this one as well, and grab the manager. Now behind the manager will be a possible number combination for the kpad downstairs, so take note of it.

There's also two different locations where this number combination can be used, one being on this white board right here and the other being in the VIP showroom just on this not-booth right here. So now that you have the key code locations, take the manager to her office so that we can use them later.

On, and while you're in here, you might as well grab a QR code. The first location being here. I'm going to show you all the different locations that it can be, and the next one being on this desk just to the left. I need you to tie down civilians to give me, and the next one just being on the sofa on the right as you come in, and if you didn't get one in there, you can also get one in the break room just on this table or on the kitchen counter just to the left are on the left again on This Island right.

99 boxes

Here now, as soon as the pilots are available to be signaled, what you want to do is call them in, as you don't want to waste any time waiting for him later on, so as soon as he's available, call him. It takes about 2 minutes to keep the display cases in the VIP, so once you have that VIP showroom open, go downstairs, type in the code, and open the door.

Give up or die, and do not forget to take this red key card, as it is essential later on. Disable the alarm system upstairs in the VIP, and make your way back. Up now, with the manager that we put down in here before, push her in front of this button, and use the red key card right here to open the vault, smash the glass, is the dog, and I just saw this out the window, so it's easier.

Later on. Windows And here comes the pilot. Now the pilot will land at the same place every single time, just in front of the St., so if you want a pile of bags up there ready for him later on, if you have more people to do it for you, then that's completely fine. three bags encoun I'm under fire here, guys.

I can't stay for long now. There will also be snipers aiming at you all the time. One's just up in here; I got it, and the other one's just on top of.

This is how to complete Dirt ice in less than 3 minutes on solo overkill difficulty every single run, the money is not the best for this run but it the best for getting the heist done as fast as possible, no time wasted and straight to the point.
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