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Before we begin, I just want to clarify a few things. The questions in this article were more or less just gathered and streamlined by me, along with the answers. I'm sure you're going to see me flip-flop in between me speaking as if I am the developer and me speaking from the third person about the developer, but if you want to see verba and what the developer said in the AMA.

It only takes a second of your time, and if you don't like what you see, you can unsubscribe at any moment, but if you do like what you see, then hit the bell for notifications so you don't miss out. Now on to the article: Well, after a drought of epic proportions for a mid-level article game developer, we finally have news about the future of Payday 3.

On Monday, February 19th, Starb had an AMA on the payday subreddit hosted by the global brand director and game director Alir and Mio. They went ahead and finally shed some light on what's been happening over at Star Brees for the past few months, which honestly is about time seeings that the silence began to drive the users of the Reddit to levels of insanity to the point where you could confuse the website for r/ Batman Arkham.


Officer, now for your viewing pleasure, I went ahead and compiled the questions from the AMA into a more streamline format for this article, so let's get started. Started, is there going to be offline mode? The answer is yes; it's being worked on, and it will be a thing. Are there going to be any free heists?

Yes, only one free heist this year; they're only committing to one juke box to play songs from Payday 2 and Payday the Heist next year. This is not going to happen this year; probably next year, the DLC prices are going to change. They're on the table but going down, but this is a conversation with star Breeze and publisher Deep Silver.

How's the weekly mask rotation going to work? The masks will rotate out weekly, but once they're out, there will always be a way to get them back. There's not going to be any FOMO with Payday 3. Did Deep Silver make you do any of this, and in layman's terms? No, star, no star. Breeze is stupid.


Can you pause in offline mode? I don't know, Lamu; it's not far enough along to see that yet. How will new characters come out? Some will be paid for, and some will be free, just like in Payday 2. Are there going to be any armor changes? No, but there's going to be a new set of armor called adaptive armor, which regenerates like in Payday 2, whose ending is Canon.

It's up to you, slash; you'll find out sooner or later. How often will updates come out? 4 to 6 weeks. Why are updates slowing crossplay? And we, as developers, aren't allowed to crunch any more weapons and skills. Yes, are there going to be any leveling changes or SL challenges? reworks, they're going to be reworked for achievements, and leveling is now back being tied to heists like Payday 2.

Hey, interaction, not right now, Big fish to fry, heer interaction The voice lines are nice, but not right now. Why were quality of life features missing when Payday 3 launched? We had no time, and we, as developers, might be stupid.

Are there going to be any AI reworks like boosts and Payday 2, and can they revive each other? Not right now. Yes, Sniper Buffs are coming any prestiges for levels like Infamy and Payday 2.


Not now why does the FBI van stink? The FBI van is underwhelming. We as developers know this, but it's not going to be fixed this year with free Overkill weapons. Yes, man, [__]], no, where's the crazy from Payday 2? We wanted Payday 3 to feel more like the early Payday 2 and more like Payday the Heist, less crazy and more grounded, but if fans really want to go crazy like the latter half of Payday 2's life cycle, they'll lean more into it.

Can pre-made weapons be used as skins? They want to do something like that, but not this year. Can we buy the card deck individually without the Collector's Edition? That's a question for the merchandise people. Any weapon leveling changes? No can we get gun statistics as numbers instead of bars?

No but we'll add an option for numbers in a detailed weapon inspection. We'll have characters with individual stats. No, skills like Joker's Dodge and Inspire are not available this year. Crossovers, yes, but not now that the ammo bag is [__]. The ammo bag will undergo changes this year. One plans to add AP rounds for heavy SWAT, but the ammo bag will be changed.


The skill menu UI stinks. The UI is being worked on. With the UI update, are there going to be more skill points and more variety? Yes, 28 max points and build variety are being worked on. In other words, they're working on trying to make builds have more variety.

Is the nebula going away? No, but we're trying to make it easier for people to get signed up. What's the difference between QuickPlay V1 and QuickPlay V2? Quickplay V1 will have a button that throws you into any ongoing heist; Quickplay V2 will have filters to get exactly what you're looking for.

Mega masks like Payday 2. Someday, and the Unreal Engine 5 update win Not this year's armor repair kit changes; they're adding in a new Clean Slate skill, which will let you fix one chunk of armor with a repair kit if you're completely empty. Other game modes, like crime spree or holdout, are not available now.


What's going to happen with the leaked microtransaction items? They're being sold right now. Seeing that they weren't ready, they'll be put out some other time.

The legality of the songs from Payday 1 and 2 is already something that Star Breeze is dealing with. Seeing is that if you don't get Scarface Mansion soon, you'll never get the best tracks in Payday. Time, and a lot of other great songs that are tied up in legality because the world is a cool place and corporations hold too much power a server browser SL Yes, but later on, what's going to happen with microtransactions?

They've been pushed back to 2025, but that's really a talk with the public right now about any better weapon customization, yes, but not now, and lastly, are there going to be more Legacy heists? Yes, but they're only committing to one more free heist this year, and it's probably not going to be a legacy one; it's going to be a brand new one.


Heist, and that's about it. They did say they are ready at this point to give the community what they want and what they're looking for with Payday 3 as a game if the systems that are in place are still under fire. My eyes are on the armor and skill system. I still think microtransaction should never come to this game for the sake of its own survival and my sanity, but as it stands right now, that's it.

The next update is slated to be released around next week at the time of this recording, so we'll have to wait and see how it plays out right now. There's been all talk and no action, so I'll be waiting to see if this update works out, because I have not touched this game in a while, and that's a damn shame.

Sorry I If missed any questions, I tried my best to compile them all into one video. Link to the AMA.
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