Payday 3: Cook Off (legacy Heist)


Friends I found a new job. I think you'll be interested in remembering that meth you stole for Hector Morales back in the day. Well, that recipe's been off the mark for years, but just recently it's made a resurgence on the East Coast even purer than before. I'll track the supply chain to a lab in Upstate New York.

Ah, you chop old hats at raining these little [__] holes. You just go in and bag up some drugs, and we'll sell them for a nice profit. Easy money some gangster types have their houses under heavy guard. I don't think stealth is an option here. Be ready to take their goods. Here they come. We had vans and choppers all over the place.

Stay on your toes. This is a delicate process. Add the chemicals one at a time, and don't mix anything up or down. Toast cop, all right, gang, they're on the right track. Add hydrogen chloride to the mix. We know exactly where you are; there's nowhere. Acid not; it's like a mad scientist road, though I think we're good so far.


You want something more to happen to me. Just give up, Ammo. Back here. Poli, we know there is nowhere to Run come out train now I'm getting robbed I'll fre one second we outnumbered them F those CS would have been helpful right now add costic soda and we'll go from there where you are we got this nice going you can cook that batch a little longer to increase the purity easy but keep an eye on it all right spotted a bag thrown in the ocean.

Right, run this is your only warning. You fought them back for now. It's like nine of the living cops out here tied down some civilians. I can use them to negotiate with the police. We know exactly where you are. We have you surrounded. This is your only warning. If Bane's notes were accurate, we could have used those Cooks, which I think hydrogen is.

Ready It's finished, and I can tell this isn't your first. Coke Cross: referencing the notes surrounded, add hydrogen chloride to the mix, put down your weap, come out, and add it to the mix. Okay, nice get your game face on. It's no use trying to hide; you're completely cops on the railway bridge.

It's your only warning. Come out with your hands on yours. This is the police. It's no use trying to hide one second. You can't shoot out the recipe, Costic soda You did it. The batch's purity will increase if you cook it a bit longer; just don't let it. Now, cross-referencing the notes surrounding it, pour in some of that mtic acid.

Come out with your hands on your head. Okay, we have a batch. The purity will increase if you let it cook, but don't let it sit for too long. It's no use trying to hide three bags while counting. That's one batch done. Let's cook another one in a second. This note just says acid, which must mean mytic acid, right?

ATT, we know exactly where you are. We have this place ready for it. Make no mistake. We are in control. Put down your weapons. I think we're good so far in defensive formation. Take cover; you're completely surrounded by Sh the goddamn K the [__] kill; you need hydrogen.

Choron If I'd known we were cooking ourselves, I would have done more research. Do you understand? We can't stay here too long. Keep up the cooking. That's good i'll start rolling and checking the notes. You know exactly where you are. We could have used those cooks. I think hydrogen is up. Come out with your hands on your heads.

Be careful; I'm wasting the time you spent doing it. Sniper down the bat's purity will increase if you cook it a bit longer; just don't let it burn. We have this place surrounded. You can't shoot your way out of this surrender right now. Before you got hurt, I thought you were CH. There's no way you're cooking men in the dark.

Get the power back, Dead; we got this. The shield is all right. We have you surrounded. You can't shoot these. They are all over the place. Is that hydren, not CTIC soda? That's what we want. I'm feeling good about this Chopper refueling; he can't make the weapon drop. You're trying to hide.

You're completely surrounded. You're out of options. We can't make the overkill drop, right? Now hydrogen chloride [__] Wait a sec; we actually need mytic acid. Okay, we have a batch. The purity will increase if you let it cook, but don't let it sit for too long. More of us than are of you down your weapons and come.

After checking the notes, you should hook up a tank of hydrogen chloride. Down armor here. L good improvising I bet you thought your meal-cooking days were behind you. Ah, we'll make a gck spool off this for sure

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