Payday 3 Co-op Review. Very Fun, Very Broken

Most Heights, be it a game or a movie, tend to follow a similar arc. Things go well at the start before quickly divulging into other chaos, so it's fitting that Payday 3's launch also followed this arc. The game was getting positive previews when it was coming to Game Pass, and people were hyped. And then the game launched and boy was it a train wreck constant server issues rendered the game unplayable, for the first 5 days of launch but even if you can get in your next obstacle was the infamous NE a data error and if you could get past that then you have to sit in a matchmaking queue even if you were playing in a private game, honestly trying to play Payday 3 at launch felt like its own elaborate heist in the worst way possible after some patches though the game is now playable and mostly stable and even though there's still a degree of bugs I can't lie we've had some fun with payday 3 there is a decent co- game somewhere in here but there's a lot of stuff getting in the way so that's what we're here to talk about as the co-op Bros is payday 3 worst playing with your best friends let's find out mounting it yep deploying keep going keep going yep, okay Escape we did it we did it we did it let's go just run boys just.

Run, just run, yeah. I just heard ic's voice. I swear. I got I got days just get there, just get there. Bo get in here, get in here, get in here, turn and shoot, turn and shoot, all right, survive, woo. My god, jeez, I just got rammed right at the end, there. That was wild. So at the top of the article Gabe already addressed payday 3 server issues at launch so I'm going to try to not go into too much detail here it's just something that's going to be brought up throughout the article obviously it's a big issue, what I will say here is that a little over a month later we still would get disconnected from the occasional match probably one in every four or five this is still terrible and shouldn't be a thing but it's important that we mention it here and that there has been some improvement from that launch window, we've also encountered bugs like in one Mission a van is supposed to show up and drop off important items for your Heist and just simply wasn't for us and it wasted a couple of runs of that Heist, now actually setting up your party is easy you can do a public invite only or friends Lobby, so you have plenty of options the game is crossplay and that works perfectly fine outside of the whole nebula data error we encountered which is directly related to having an account available for crossplay.

Okay, I see him. I see him. I see him. Yep, okay, yeah, now I'm Moving. Boy who was close. The gameplay loop of Payday 3 should sound fairly familiar if you've played any of the previous titles, but there are some notable additions. At launch, there are eight heists you can complete, which naturally get more complicated as you go over the course of a heist.

You'll start getting new objectives, bringing you closer to your end goals, such as breaking into the bank or stealing a crypto wallet. Now, depending on your approach, the heist can go one of two ways. You can either try and complete it the stealth way, where you never trigger any alarms. But what usually ends up happening is that you'll start that way until something inevitably goes wrong and now you're thrust into the guns blazing approach, your Handler will typically give you a new set of objectives, as you now have to contend with the oncoming police assault dealing with the police has its own set of phases 2 a new addition to Payday 3 you can hold them off for a couple minutes by trading hostages during the negotiation phase further delaying the assault phase the faces will then alternate between assault and negotiation, where you might get a chance to trade more hostages, or simply wait for the police to regroup there is also a final assault phase where the game just throws everything at you and you e complete the heist or di TR as you'll be facing some of the harder enemy types like the cloaker or bulldozers.

Regardless of your approach, each heist ends the same: you steal all the goods you can carry and extract at a certain point on the map. You'll earn a certain amount of money depending on how much of the goods you sold, deducted by how many civilians were killed in the process. You can spend this money on new weapons, weapon mods, cosmetics, and mass.

The other thing you earn from a match is SP, which funnels into your weapons and skills. Notably, you do get more XP from completing the heist stealthily and also from higher difficulties. Now bear with me as I explain the progression system, because it's a bit of a mess. Basically, each heist will net you a certain amount of XP, and that XP will funnel into the weapons used in that heist, allowing you to unlock new mods for you to purchase.

That part is rather simple, but the skill tree is where things get more convoluted. You first have to choose a skill to research which will essentially start unlock in that skill tree now besides weapons the XP you earn from a heist also funnels into your research skills and any other skilter you have invested in with infam points AKA skill points, but there's a whole other system for getting infamy points in the first place which is tied to your overall infamy level in order to level up your infamy level you have to complete specific challenges, listed in the challenges Tab and every three levels you'll get one infamy point to use in your skill three also so the higher your infamy level the more weapons and gear you can unlock as well okay so let's review highest net USP for weapons and skill trees challenges net you at speed for infam points and unlocks.

And the game doesn't explain any of that very well, but we'll talk about that later, and that's pretty much the gameplay: loop, do heist, get money, level up, rinse, and repeat. Now let's get into how all this fares in co-op. Get down, get down, can you, my screen? Yeah, we're watching you get wrecked.

I don't have any ammo that punches it away; I don't have any ammo that was rough that was rough that was rough. So for a minute, I'm going to separate my mind from all the negativity around this game and tell you about what it does well because, honestly, it has some great co-op gameplay. So let's all live in that ideal world where Payday 3 is the game that we wanted to be at launch, if only for a minute.

If anything, it'll give us a glimpse of where the game will be. Hopefully, down the line, Payday 3's bread and butter is mission design. Each heist is set up for two scenarios: when things go wrong and when things go right, and what's pretty impressive is that the game is a ton of fun either way that starts off because of the objectives the game gives you.

Payday 3 is a first-person shooter game developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by Deep Silver. The game is a sequel to Payday 2, and is the third installment in the Payday series. It was released for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series XS on 21 September 2023.
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