Payday 3 - Cleanin' It Out Achievement Guide


Achievement, Guide I'm going to show you how to get the cleaning-out achievement, which requires you to complete the mission. Dirty Ice hasn't secured all the cleaned jewelry bags on Overkill; now there's 14 bags that you need to extract, with a total of 13 of which need to be cleaned. There is a bunch out in the front, so you will be going loud for this mission, but we'll be trying to stay stealthy as much as possible, so we only go loud for the last little bit.

I recommend also doing this for the runs you're playing on Overkill to get all the information early. It is vital, so go in, grab all the information that you need, and then restart from the pause menu. So, having a team do this is actually quite easy, so the first time you go in, make sure you know where the phone QR code is and the pin is.

As soon as you've done that, you can start and then go back to the mission. I'd have one person stay unmasked while one or two people are out the back in the secure area, marking the steps to getting the cameras taken care of and getting the red key card for the rare stone vault. Once you've done that and the VIP showroom locks have been disabled, people can start picking the locks in the VIP showroom, but if the VIP showroom is unlocked and you go all the way to the back where the jewelry scanner is, you will see a tablet retina scanner on the wall.

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This will then prompt the desk phone inside the manager's office to become interactable. If you go and interact with it, this will then prompt Shade to contact the manager out front via her mobile phone. She will walk into the VIP showroom from the front. You can then grab her hostage and throw her against this tablet on the wall, and this will unlock the jury scanner room.

As I said, there are 13 items that need to go through the story scanner, so while in stealth, I'd get all of the cases unlocked in the VIP showroom before going loud out the front there. There are five cases on the back and eight on the front. You go and pick up the jewelry from the display cases.

Literally, just go into the scanning room and throw it against the machine. It will then count up all the jewelry bags currently being processed and process them one by one. It takes about 30 to 45 seconds per jewelry bag, and then once it's done, it'll spit out the front. You can pick it up again and dump a bag in the corner.


The cleaned jewelry bags are marked with x's along the bags, and the non-cleaned bags are obviously just blank duffel bags. Once you've got the five being scanned, you can go ahead and get the rare stone. Have one of your team members press the button, and then the other, with the red key card, open the vault.

Then you can smash your way into that display case and get the rare stone out of it. Once you've gotten the red stone out of that, the person is still unmasked. We can go either through the front all the way to the Escape van and dump it in the van because it will still count for the end once we go loud as well.

Same with all the cleaned jewelry if you get that far if you don't get spotted beforehand. If you've been able to stay in stealth all this time, you've only got eight more bags to clean. This means only four more minutes of holding out against the overkill enemies. Go loud, smash your way through all the display cases as quick as possible, and get them in that cleaner straight away.

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First Response units will then be negotiating if you've got hostages to trade them for extra time because, as soon as you get all the SWOT on you, life becomes 10 times harder. Using favors is also a great way of doing this. There is a favor that allows you to call a helicopter to the roof rather than the street.

This helicopter will stay there permanently, allowing you to call it right away, and then just dump the bags as and when they are cleaned by chaining them between you and your team, just getting them onto the roof of that small building just behind the fine jewelry store. It makes life a lot easier for enemies.

Do get up on that roof, but you can take them out from the two points that they do climb up. It's quite easy; all you have to do is watch out for the snipers because they definitely take you out quite quickly on Overkill. If you don't have this favor, though, don't worry. Go to a location where you can call in the helicopter, but don't call them in just yet.

Instead, dump all the cleaned jewelry bags as quickly as you can over on top of the green dumpster just underneath all the construction.

In this Payday 3 video will show you how to complete the Cleanin' it Out achievement trophy which requires you to Complete Dirty Ice having secured all cleaned jewelry bags on Overkill.
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