Payday 3. Car-4


The car for all Colt. Le6920 assault rifles with quite a few modifiers, which include seven sides and a total of six barrel extensions. There are two types of barrels: three grips, three different magazines, four stocks, and also four vertical grips. So let's jump into a heist to see how this assault rifle performs in action.

As far as the car goes, it's fine—not the best, but certainly not the worst. You just have to keep in mind that the modifiers for it are the only thing that makes it somewhat decent. The iron size is probably the worst thing about it, so you want to consider something better as soon as possible, but as far as the rest goes, like I said before, this gun is very basic, and there's barely anything to say.

Its accuracy and stability are just right for the damage it has, even though sometimes it may feel like the enemies you're shooting Just suck in all the bullets like a sponge, so you'll be much better off always aiming for the head if that's possible, considering the fact that this gun runs out of ammo very quickly.

car 4

Picking up ammo from the floor is crucial with this thing, and if you're able to grab an apple bag or two if you can, yeah, there's not much else to say; it's a fair weapon, and if I'd have to rank it. I'd give it a solid 5 out of 10. Come on, it's the first weapon you get, so it would be crazy to expect it to be extremely good at all, but give us some love and a few modifiers, and this baby will treat you right, so yeah, enjoy the rest of the gameplay

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