Payday 3 Came Out And Now I'm Depressed

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I feel like this article I'm going to make for YouTube is just going to be us talking on the loading screen, and that's it. Payday 3 recently came out, and it's been bombarded with bad reviews. I've been told never to trust the internet, so I wanted to see for myself, and boy did I make a big mistake.

We managed to get into one game—yes, only one game—but that one game almost made our struggle worth it. Thankfully, the developers made sure the mandatory account creation worked flawlessly. It's making me create an account, boy. You thought you were going to take a look at my password. Again, chump, and I actually managed to get through the tutorial with only a few issues.

Let's play the tutorial. Yeah, show me how to play this game. We gotta turn that sensitivity down. God damn throw item G, okay, mask on G. Wait, are you telling me to throw the item and mask at the same button? I have a feeling I'm going to be throwing grenades at people, and I'm not even trying to suggest that optional objectives can provide alternative objectives.

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Jesus Christ, maybe I need to go back to [__] school before I play this game. I can't even read that I have a pistol. Okay, my game stutters when I shoot my gun. Do I have a different gun? There's a grenade for you. Surrender is that it went through the wall, dumbass. What the [__] did that came from thanks Santa I'm about to be a naughty boy.

What is this, like a BB gun or something on the way there in 30 seconds? Yeah, not a BB gun bouncing off the wall. Pro-gamer move It's actually an easy game; it's a little baby game made for babies, and I'm a grown man, as you can tell. I didn't realize we're playing Apex Legends because that's the only game in existence that has zip lines, which is why I made that reference.

Give me the loot. I'm actually the best at this game. zero-dollar payout Hoxton is a foul-mouthed Englishman with an attitude that describes me perfectly. I've got the perfect job to get you started. Is it me working the corner? I can do that very well. Let's go rob some banks. This is a Game Pass title, so it was pretty easy to convince three of my most capable bank robbery friends to throw out their moral compasses and join me in a massacre of the local police department.

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I died in the tutorial. I want you to not have Spencer there. hey, that's the best yes I've ever heard in my life. We're here for a payday. Three of them actually hold on to boys. I'll be right back. Danny didn't tell me this game had violence in it. Against violence, he told me you would send me some money for just getting on here and talking to him; that hasn't happened yet either; he does that with YouTube.

yeah, it's kind of sad now. We just needed to get everyone in the same lobby, and then we could finally heist to our hearts content, all right? I'm going to start with an invitation, Lobby. I hope I get an invite. Yeah, you wish; it's not showing my friend's list. Oh, Danny, you showed up on my friend list.

Now we're friends. Yeah, well, I mean, here on the artificial friends list. Yeah, I mean, I'm a article game basically friends with everyone on here. Bai, you're sending a party invite. All right, awesome, all we need is yes, my, we're actually going to play; don't say it. I think I just backed out of an accident; there's no fixing way.

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You're following me, right? I still see him in there. Okay, my game just crashed. My Xbox broke. The closer we got to actually playing the game, the further our faith drifted away. I hope you enjoyed looking at the SCB bank because we're going to be staring at it for another two hours before we start playing.

We just need one bank, Rob. Yeah, I feel like we're not asking for too much, one eternity later. Yeah, they actually allow people who paid the $60 to get into servers, and that's it. Day one pass: you get first access to the servers; we only got five, so day one pass: you actually get to play it on day one.

I think I'd rather just back out and play the tutorial again; that's the only way I could play this game. I have a I have a big old button right down the bottom middle that says cancel matchmaking. Maybe if I click that, it'll put us in the game. Matchmaking error Danny, remember when you said we're finally going to play a game and I said don't speak so soon, don't remind me?


I knew as soon as you said that, and when we thought all hope was lost, this finally happened. what we're in three or four who didn't make it we're waiting on is Mike. Yeah, okay, let's just get ready. We got to get in the game. Yeah, let's just do it. This might be our only chance at road work ahead.

I sure hope it does excuse me. You say something straight, killing them with the plan here. Well, our mask is already on this guy. He's going to do something, my God. that was a civilian that guy got down in the fetal position, and your first instinct would just shoot him in the back of the head.

Spencer's over here with a human shield. Yo, put the guy down. Put him down. Put him down; let's tie them up. Let's put his hands up. Now we can do whatever [__] we want to. There's another dead guy, yo, Mike. We gotta put the end of the highest failure. We failed restart that was our one shot.


I swear to God if it puts us back into matchmaking, I'm just turning the computer off, restarting, and don't kill the civilian. It's like the guy laid down; he was fearing for his life; he was thinking of his wife and kids. I need to look at the settings here. This is why I told you to do the tutorial.

I got those things done, I did them, and I died. Do not let the civilians escape, so we have to tie him up. We have to tie them all up. Nice karate chop; for that, are they in here all right? We're going to throw a grenade. I have a feeling I'm going to be throwing grenades at people, and I'm not even trying to.

They didn't die. Lucky for us, this guy died. I can't do anything, whatever the [__] was. Flawless first run, guys. Yeah, I have one more bag. I'm going to throw in, and then we get the [__] out of here. I don't know if you can anymore. All right, we have to go for the extra idea. Go to the green Mark the green mark down the bridge.

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This is tough. go go, like 70 guys. This just dropped me. This is a ninja. I feel like we're all discovering this guy at different times, yeah. At some point, we just killed the whole police force in this city. They sent the police force to the next town over for that second wave, so now we have five hundred thousand dollars and we can buy new and more powerful weapons and attachments.

Payday 3. oh boy. Another less than perfect launch of a new video game. Had a ton of fun through the adversity, though.
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