Payday 3 - C-stack Spam Glitch (save Up To $46,399,500 Per Week)


It brings me no joy to make this article as generally I tend to try to stay away from glitches but this channel is currently covering all things payday 3 with the intent to help players so after spotting this article I figured why not and no the title is not clickbait if you purchase all C Stacks every week it will cost you 47, million.

Now we will be tricking the system into only charging us the tier-one price of the SE Stacks rather than letting it grow exponentially. Now this glitch does not use any mods or any third-party software; we simply utilize an unintended in-game glitch somehow passed right under the developer's nose, which is just yet another glitch to add to the massive pile of glitches that Payday 3 was launched with, so without further ado, let's get right into it right away.

I'm going to show you what it looks like once you're doing it. I'm going to be doing it here in the one-c stacks. As you can see, I am purchasing a one-c stack at the price of $10, 000, and the price is not going up. I will teach you how to do this, but first let me show you how to clear up the entire C stack.

99 boxes

I accidentally bought a 5C stack there, but we have now officially completely cleared out all of the 1C stacks for only $10, 000 each. There will be a problem with this glitch eventually. The system does catch up to you, as you can see here. The 5C stacks that I bought accidentally have now increased in price from $45, 000 to $112, 000, so essentially, you kind of need to do this, and you need to do it fast, as you can see here.

I am now doing it to the 5c Stacks, but look at that, the system has officially caught up. Now, I am not exactly sure what it is that causes the system to catch up; sometimes it catches up, sometimes it doesn't. Maybe I'm just not doing it properly or consistently as I should, but sometimes it has worked and sometimes it hasn't.

I was able to clear out all of the onec stacks, but I did struggle with the 5c stacks, so I went ahead and played a little bit of , a little bit of heists here to be able to make some money so that I could continue showing you this glitch, and here we are several games later. So let's now attempt to do this with the 10 SE stacks.

best weapons

And first, one's a go, two is a go, three is a go, four is fine, five is fine, and six is fine, and the system has caught up to us now. We were probably able to save something like nearly, probably, about $8 million here or something along those lines, and I'm also going to try to do it here again, the five C Stacks, but I don't have enough cash to even continue doing it, so I probably saved up in total probably well over $10 million.

I'm not exactly sure how many dollars I actually saved here, but I definitely saved upwards of $10 million. Now I am going to be showing you here how to actually do this glitch. So to fix this glitch, what we'll want to be doing is essentially When we purchase the C Stacks, what we'll want to do is we'll want to tab out onto another T tab, where the shortcut for the computer is both Q to go to the left here we went to load out, and when we press Q again, it's going to go to play, and E to go to the right.

dirty ice

We click e, we go to load out, and we click e, we go to fenders right. Essentially, what you want to do is open up this window, and what you want to do is, as soon as you press yes, you're going to be clicking Q right after or E. I'm not exactly sure; I only went with Q now. Of course, for PlayStation and Xbox, those keys are different, but you want to figure out which key it is that you have to press to take you to the next tab.

So essentially, when you open up this window, you press both yes and Q at the same time, and you'll successfully have purchased the C Stacks without it increasing. Here again, the system does eventually catch up to you, so you will be able to save a couple of millions of dollars, but you might not be lucky enough to clear out an entire C-Stack tier.

As I did with the one SE stack again, open the window. We press both yes and no at the same time. That is pretty much it for this article. I hope this has been useful to somebody and saved you a couple of millions of dollars. Yeah, that is it, and I'll be catching you guys on the next

Purchasing all C-Stacks every week will cost you 47,994,500. If using this glitch properly every week, it will only cost you 1,595,000. Saving you 46,399,500 every week until its patched.
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