Payday 3 But We Are The Worst Heist Crew Ever


I need a toilet right here. I'm lock-picking the mask on the douche. I've opened the door. Let's go let's go, We're in a private we're in a private area camera sh God sugar blue You may or may not have been spotted; no zigzag. Do you see it? No, he's shouting slurs at you, Zigang. We might need to just put masks on the right masks on the trade one hostage to delay assault.

Why are they all dead? Who killed all the hostages? My why is, yeah, genuinely, who did this? Jesus christened the entire lobby; listen, no witnesses I've got the equipment I need. Where's the vault? They've got snipers up here. I'm stuck don't let the cops pull the fire alarm sniper. They're coming in.

They're coming in. They're coming into my room on the staircase; it's so horrific already. God, don't go downstairs. Put the sprinklers up; no turning off sprinklers; got it. Yeah, we have well and truly boogered these boys. I don't know if we're going to make it out alive. Here, boys trade hosts to get crewmates out of custody.

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Well, the issue is that Benji has killed all the hostages. They are literally grappling from the roof—just him. Benji H., I'm hitting him. Shoot, I've been having an anxiety attack or something. What was that we're through into the vault? Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go let's go the into the vault under quick because they are going to start piling through that hole quicker than your mom says.

Your dad, we have created a skeleton farmer. Here, get the do, get the do, get the go, money, disarm, disarm. What's the die pack? It's going to taint the money, so we can't use it. Who feels like because we did a fat assault, they've put on ballards? Yeah, they're coming. No, I'm dead. I am dead.

I am dead. I am so dead. Yeah, I'm going. Down Green's Bea on me is going on, absolutely beating out of me whoever killed the hostage. What are you doing, man? That was brilliant walking into there and just seeing literally a massac, right? Let's go slow and steady. That's like one of those things where it's like, It's not illegal, but it's weird to just lag it inside a bank.


booger, booger Boog hide Isaac hide I am I'm hiding I'm inside you got Eminem frosted tips it's quite disturbing, what you you've got FR what you two doing in the corner, don't judge us stop being homophobic so how do we get past this camera here we know there's a security guard at the end of the hall we need to like Bening up, getting back, getting back, getting back, getting back He's looking at us.

He's looking at us. go while he's busy with Benji. Scary, right well, that's head in the air. Head in the air, I look at all the hostages that just came. No bloody Russi, so many. No, no get down, holy. There's a guy the police have just shot the hostage. I mean, that's a little bit out of order.

Is it behind you, my fait-faire boys? Look at that, Benji. Jesus Christ, that's a big boy, you pyromaniac, get it open, get it, open now I'm doing it, how do I hold sare on it, them? All in all, my that was that was. I just watched Har hold out until the getaway arrived. My Benji's being Ninja.

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Benji's being kicked, and Ben is being beaten. Police brutality police brutality My, there are so many. I'm so dead here, boys. We need to go. We're coming we're coming we're coming get in the van, go go, three, two, go go, go go, no, I got it, my we got it, that was horrific. Try someone else in there.

Yeah, my, you do need to kill yourself. That's disgusting there's still stuff coming out. I've never known someone's [__] explode so much. You know what's bad, guys. Now I can smell him even though he's 5,000 him like 5, 000 m away. I can smell [__] in my nostrils. I just don't like him in the group.

At this point, he's got subscribers, so we might as well keep him. Round right, so if hello, we're not doing anything wrong here, the door's open. I've done it. I'm in. I'm in you in the VA already, no. I'm in the who's been spotted, guys, that's what I tried to like. Melee stealth in my brother's tank Why is the melee so weak, all right?

Why is he so weak? He is questioning your activity for God's sake, man. He's coming after you. He's radioing wait for God's sake. There it is. Turn around you are a fat ass. Turn around are you call are you calling your mom? Where are you going? Brothers, this strategy is not working. I got the gun.

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I'm leaving, brother. He's in pursuit. That's why he shot me, brother. I left Britain if I entered a restricted area and then left the [__]. The G-Words fan just ran me over as well. Then there's an activating law. What's that move that activates a radio for the nearby people to invest in idiots who are coming this way?

That's fine, that's fine, that's F the you, no, you stupid man. Look, I'm upstairs now. You just circled around him. Simple peasy queasy mate, not peasy queasy cuz he's right there, you tits. I found the blue key card room, though. Open it, open it, let's go, let's go, oh. God, where's the vault through here through here?

Yeah, I can't. We can't do it anymore, though, because the option to do it is locked. There's a God holy[__]. He is just beaming at me, brother, mate. Is this guy a tank or what, mate? I've got no Arrow, and I've got no Isaac. Watch the bags. Have you seen my health? Brothers, have you seen my health?


careful; he doesn't like it. You know, stupid ninja boy. The ninja boy—yeah, he's coming. He's coming he's running at you. I told you, man, he's insane. He's beating the heck out of me. It's so stupid. Give me cover. Give me cover. She's not covering your bra chains. Just stay in all right, you stay, Chains we just left change to.

Die got the key and card, right? Turn the power off the gate, and there we go, right? So I've got an exact one, I've got one next to me, and I've got an idea, right? Benji Once I've got the executive, can you come up the stairs and get escorted out because then the security guy will be out of the way and then blue?

If you do the same to the one in the corridor, then my path will be completely clear to the vault, all right? Get ready, get ready, get ready. Ready, right, stand, there all, ready, go, please. I'll do whatever you say. Yeah, he's not here so far, right? I'm going, then go go. There's a guard; he's around to the right.

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He's just there. Get the CAU right. Tell me when all is right. Not yet, not yet. I'll say I'll say I'll say when I go. Isa Go Isaac, go! I'm being a camera. Camera access denied access denied access granted just grinded, okay? Knock him down and tie him up. This is Big Brain unlocking the manager's computer.

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