Payday 3: Busted Builds - Mosconi 12 Classic

Welcome to busted builds. Today we're talking about the Moscone 12 classic, the double-barrel coach gun that packs a lot of punch but only has two rounds in the chamber. Let's talk about the build. First things first, the Moscone 12 Classic doesn't need many attachments for this gun; it speaks for itself; you can pretty much run whatever you want on it.

In this case, I've got in this case just a grip to decrease the hip fire spread, as well as a CQC stock to help me pull the gun out faster, but it's not necessary at all. You can run this vanilla stock as a secondary weapon. I'm taking the 44 J&M castigo here because we'll be firing from the hip a little bit, and when you're landing head shots with Edge with this thing, you're one tap and SWAT.

It's a lot of fun. Deployable armor bag: we're going to be up in people's faces here with the double barrel, so we're going to need to get tanky. We're going to take some armor with us, Head Five Red Fox, because if you take the grenade launcher, you're trolling armor with heavy ballistic lining.

Just like with the armor bag, we're going to want the four-plate armor carrier so that we stay alive. Throwable flashbang why the heck does this guy have a flashbang? Great question let's take a look at the skills. Scrolling up here, let's take a look at what's on the top mower that doesn't make a lot of sense.

We're definitely not shooting 35 bullets. Well, here's the catch inside the mower tree. We've got two perks here. Ammo funnel: any ammo we pick up is directly put into our weapons magazine, and we replenish as long as we have Edge. Well, both of these require Edge. We automatically pick up any ammo dropped by enemies we kill, so long as we're killing SWAT.

We're putting shotgun shells straight into our barrels, so that means, while it may appear that you know you can only load two shells into a Moscone, somehow we don't have to reload after 10 shots. It's like we're in the movies; this builds great It's a lot of fun moving down to the tank. We're going to be in people's faces right now.

We're using a shotgun, so we want to get beefy. We're taking tanks so that if an armor chunk breaks, we can refresh grit that's going to play into the enforcer tree we're going to use later. We don't take Hardy because, again, we're going to take a perk later that's going to help with stagger. Extra plate so that we can both help out our team and selfishly get more armor, and armor up so that we can selfishly get more armor.

Disengage; sometimes you get cloaked, and you're going to be away from your team a little bit with this build because you're going to want to be up in cops faces. Your sniper buddy isn't going to want to do that, so you don't want to be so. With a cloer beating your butt, we're going to engage so that we can get out of those situations in the demo tree.

We're taking extra ammunition for two extra flashbangs. You'll see why here in a second enforcer because we're going to be close up to people, so we're going to get grit and edge if we start popping heads in close quarters inside the enforcer. So long as we have grit and edge, which we'll have a lot of, we get increased reload speed.

God forbid we ever have to abide by proper game mechanics and reload, face-to-face so that we deal more damage so that we don't have to abide by proper game mechanics, and solid so that if we're up in Shield's face and he tries to hit us, we don't. Care, Gunslinger, we're going to be fired from the hip.

It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to aim down sights with a shotgun, and from the hip, it helps our Mo as well because our hip fire spread is decreased, so we're able to kill swats from a little further. Away, Tactician, Here's an interesting take on the build. I run a flashbang build to take care of expose, so that if we are aiming and shooting at a cop with a stun effect, they don't have armor, which makes him super easy to kill, which makes it super easy to kill chain with the Moscone, so we can go on a huge killing spree in close quarters and they're not firing back without further ado.

This is a busted Moscone 12 classic. Let's get into the game. Bingo is done, okay? Now we can get this truck to where we want. We need to get the truck all the way to the ramp at the end of the construction site. This baby is tough, but there's a weakness in it. Underbelly, at least one of you needs to stay close to the truck to maintain connection, or it'll go all right.

I'm here drop the bags. Here, we need to get at least six bags. After that, it's all a bonus. That's it that's all of it. Let's get out of here. Let's get out of here. Don't mind the Ricochet. Keep moving along the bridge.

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