Payday 3 Build - Stealth


Escapist is a little different, and that's not really a good description. It doesn't really give you a rush when you do a full sprint when you're in casing mode or mask off; it only applies when you have your mask on, so keep that in mind. Next up, of course. I have Min manipulator, which is our spare points I have, and then we have my grifter, which is a basic walk-to-walk social engineering open mic and slippery just for extra spare points I have next around the hacker.

I have a hacker. Ace Secure Loop Appliance breaches are more for spare points and glitch protocols, and Signal Cat is another spare point. I have, and then I have, strategist Ace and cover. As for my weapon of choice, does it really matter as long as you have a suppressor? Any weapon would do because there's no cons in this game, which is a good thing.

Now, if you really want to peep into the interest of what my attachments are, well, I have one here for my MP7. I have the box at the Red Dot site. I have the snub, the quick pull mag HQ stock, and the stub grip. As for my pistol choice, which is the well, the signature 43 or m17, as it says on the gun itself, which you could probably yeah right there, so the attachments I have on are a quick pull mag snub silencer LED Red Dot sight and the ribet grip.


My armor choice is a standard Ling, and my deployable is a medic bag. My throwable is a throwing knife, and my tool choice is a Pick the Stealth build; this build is definitely heavily There is a lot with Rush, whether it be staying close to a civilian or lockpicking. Rush is just really nice to have, as it speeds up a bit of your speed, and thanks to it, you can do a lot of things, especially steal some of the loot right under people's noses, with the exception of course being the guards and cameras, because if they spot you doing that illegal action, they will try to upperhand you, and we'll pull on in the search.

But of course, you could easily try to reduce some of that with your camera. Loop some of the cameras and pay attention to the cards. Patrol routes that's the, vi now for the purpose of the equipment choices. I have the reason I have the dror bag as my deployable as opposed to something like an armor bag because, well, this is meant to be solely for stealth.

If I go loud, guess what? I could just restart the heist, and the reason I keep restarting the heist if I want to do stealth is because they do challenges for stealth, which of course I do in, you know, invite only, like Play. Why, but yeah, the reason I have a doctor bag is that, of course, you do have a lot of fall damage involved, definitely a lot with rock, the cradle touching the sky, and but mainly mostly a lot with, under the surface, which you're going to do a lot of, especially if you're going to enter the second floor.

Exhibits, whereas the Dr bag definitely comes in handy. Now, why chose the microcam over something like the ACM? Jammer or most of the centures Well. I'm definitely going to go over the two of them at first I did like the most in Center as it allows you of course you could place these devices on the guards and of course it will keep track now I say the most Center is really good to have if you're playing on heists with less crowded, civilians because if you place it on like a device on a lead guard he definitely kind of walks around a lot and he will continue different paing or actually walk different paths the more you progress through the game or at least through the level and mostly his most CER on his back will highlight civilan surrounded, which takes up the whole 15 Mark once that 15 minute mark.

U-marking targets are the most useless, and as for the ACM jammer, well, let's just say they definitely Nerf it to the ground, but I probably have a little bit of experience with how it really works in Pay Free, which I know kind of jams electronics and all that or prevents radio and calls, but I don't know if it works in a certain radius or if you can just place it anywhere you want and activate it at any time you want.

I'm not really sure, so I don't rely on it way too much, plus you only get to one activation at a time, and you know, it's just not like it was in Payday 2, and I have no idea how this camera didn't spot me or spot the guard clowns were trying to rob the place or something for like a second or something.

Else, and it's all about pretty much knowledge of the game itself. If you play it so many times, which makes it a very easy game, it's still challenging enough, especially with the Titan Cams as the lead guard, but to me.

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