Payday 3 Best Xp Farm Solo Over 20,000 Xp/hour: Rock The Cradle Stealth Overkill Solo Easy Xp Farm


I'm going to show you how to do an XP farm that's even better than the dirty ice speedrun. Farm, if you do this method correctly, you should get over 20 000 XP per hour, but it is going to be a little bit more difficult than the dirty ice speedrun. As far as skills go, I think that infiltrators and quick fingers are nice to have.

You don't really need any of these skills, but infiltrator and quick fingers are the ones that make this easiest, in my opinion, once you're ready to go cue up for the mission rock the cradle on Overkill difficulty. I'm just going to run through this whole area, run all the way to the end of this hallway, and then open this door, take a left, and then once you open this door, you're going to sprint past it and then crawl.

Once you're behind the bartender, let's go ahead and tell the bouncers to move, and you can steal the blue key card from one of them. Use this to open the door, and because of that mechanic, that's going to save us a lot of time over higher difficulties. It's going to save us a lot of time over lower difficulties, where they won't do that.

easy experience

Open this door. Take a left here and open this, and then on our right, we're going to take another right that's going to lead us into the bathroom, and in here there's another event you can open, and you can see the white board; it'll tell you what switch to flip. I got a C250 blue, and I'm just going to head back now that we have that information.

Because I have some huge ruts in the car park area, I'm just saying they could be trouble, and we're going to do that. If you accidentally trigger that security guard, you can kill them like I did, but optimally, just don't sprint when you're really close to the area that he's below, and then he just won't move, so we're going to go back to the server room.

Now this is going to be open, and we can pick up the crypto wallet. So you can also get it to spawn down there, where you need to drop off the crypto wallet, but if you don't, you can go the way I'm going again. This is safer, but you don't actually have to go this way. For that last part, when you throw the bag over once you throw the bag over you have to run to that upstairs room extremely quickly.

fast xp

If you don't run to the upstairs room quickly and the assault starts before you open that door and get into the Escape Zone, then it's actually going to make you do another objective that's going to take a really long time, so if you don't want to play it risky and you got the bad spawn for where to drop a crypto wallet off like I did, you're just going to go in stealth and sneak your way back up to where I escaped after you threw the bag.

So that one gave me 1564 XP and a little under five minutes, which is faster than the dirty ice already. It is a little harder to pull off than the dirty ice speed run, but you can also do it a lot faster than how fast I did this one; it just takes a little practice, and that's it for this

This Payday 3 xp farm is the best xp farm I've run into so far. It's better than dirty ice xp farm solo, but the dirty ice speedrun is a bit easier in my opinion. Other Payday 3 videos.
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