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Hello, my amazing sexy mofos! This is your boy, Venom, here. I really do hope you're all okay and having an amazing day so far. In today's article, I am back with another payday-free article. But now let's jump straight into this. Okay, so by now most of you have probably maxed out your weapons using the 99 Box XP method, but now you've got loads of challenges to complete to actually rank up to unlock the better stuff, like the scar if you're a low level if you haven't unlocked that already.

Or maybe even the fully gold mask if you want to show off there's a few little things above level 100 that there are to unlock, and you might be thinking how the hell to get there because of the whole XP system. Well, the best way is with these challenges that you can see on your screen right now: killing enemies with the shotgun and affecting enemies with flashbangs.

There's almost a challenge for every single gun, as well as using it suppressed, As well as aiming down sight challenges, and head shot challenges. So what you want to do is get about two guns: a sidearm and a primary. That you need to maybe get some challenges for, so for today, I'm going to go with the SA 144 and the SP pistol.


If you want to load in to a touch of the sky on any difficult ulty, I'm just going with Overkill, preferably. I would like the police to actually kill off the bots just so I can get all the kills, but you can load in on absolutely any difficulty. Now there are loads of little spots where you can do this, and I'm sure you can do this on another map as well.

Road rage would be good for this, just for the whole killing cop thing, but being able to do it for a long period of time to actually rack up some of those harder-to-get challenges You're going to need a safe area to do it now, with these bathrooms and this stairwell, right at the beginning of contact with the sky.

In both of these bathrooms, there are actually two bathrooms in the main room. I'll go to the other one right now, so you can go to any one of these bathrooms or the stairwell. It will be easier and a lot more reliable. You want to stay in the bath room or stay in the stairwell where you can tunnel the police in pretty much so you can see them before they can see your easy kills, and you want to do this for a good 10 to 20 minutes.


Some of the challenges take your weapon from 1, 000 kills up to 1, 000 kills, so obviously you are going to have to be here for a little bit, but keep in mind the challenges. You've got some weapon challenges for suppressed weapons. You got challenges for aiming down site; write them all down on a little piece of paper just so you remember every single one you need to do, and then when you're in the bathroom or the stairwell, just start grinding.

Start killing as many cops as you physically can. The objective is to just survive for as long as you can. Now, obviously, if you have a buddy with you, both of you are going to be sharing the kills, but it is a lot better solo, as you do get all the cops to yourself. So obviously, if you're trying to complete those challenges solo, it is a lot quicker, but it is easier to have a better setup with a friend or two.

You could have one throw-down medic bag, one throw-down ammo bag, and the same with armor. And all three of you could pretty much take turns, or two could stay in the room just in case a shield comes in and one person predominantly takes the front, or you could take it in turns and all three of you just spray down the front.


It's entirely up to you; either way, you and your friends are going to be racking up the IP. At the moment, at least anyway, before the developers actually change the progression system, so in the meantime. This is one of the fastest ways to rank up, so definitely take advantage while you can. It's something you can do by yourself or with a friend, and it is very easy to do, and it's also very effective.

But I'm going to wrap this article up here. I really do hope you're all okay and having an amazing day so far.

Payday 3 | Best Weapon Challenge Farm Easy XP Farm To Rank Up Payday 3 Guides.
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