Payday 3 - Best Stealth Skill Build At Launch

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I don't think there's a lot of variety. With current points, As far as I can tell, Stealth is still kind of like Payday 2, which has been pretty much done for now, as far as I can tell. Hopefully, in the future, we will get more skill lines added to the game, which will give us more variety and more options.

There's also probably some stuff in here that I haven't even found yet; it's just like that one interaction's really cool. But just to start you off in the infiltrator tree, we Ace basic infiltrator, or we Ace infiltrator. Basic Whenever you successfully pick a lock and kill an enemy with a throwing knife, you gain a refresh.

Rush attack: whenever a guard starts detecting you, you gain Rush, plus the next perk, quick fingers, as long as you have Rush. The successful lock pick jiggle will immediately pick up the lock so you can get it in one tap, allowing you to lock pick in front of guards. This is absolutely fantastic.

You can pick into the back of the secure C Capital Bank, for instance, right off the bat while the guard looks at you. Not a problem; just walk right inside. You can pick the very beginning of the cradle straight in through the front door to walk in; it's just fantastic for stealth, and I recommend picking it up right away.

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If you're brand new to the game and you're at a really low level, these aren't the perks you'll start with. I will get to those when we get down there, but these are very important things you will pick up fairly early on in your journey to 21 skill points. I have bagger as long as you have a rush, you pick, or you bag loot 50% faster.

This is just nice to have, especially if you're doing some speed running like I have in Rock the Cradle. Give yourself a little bit of a rush. Picking up the object quicker saves a little bit of time. It's not super important, though, and so if there's something else you actually wanted to do with your skill build, you could totally afford to get rid of Bagger, especially after the transporter perks start to come out here soon.


This is one you could do away with pretty easily for some better, A little bit further down on Escapist, I like to take basic Escapist. You can get rushed for sprinting for 3 seconds. This is just a really good way to get a rush when you're not near any kind of civilian or guard to quickly pop out and get it.

It's super useful if you're waiting for a hack just to rush around a room really quickly and get rushed. I also take Swift; it just increases your sprinting speed when massed by 10%. It's just useful to have extra speed whenever it's available to you. You may as well take it. I like extra meals.

This is a toss-up for whoever is looking at the build. I like this because I use throwing knives in stealth to distract guards, make them turn around, and walk them into certain places. It gives me a lot of freedom to move around. My obstacles when getting a heist St. So I take it for the extra two.

Down in manipulator, you tie hostages 50% faster. I only have this so that I can get menacing, which allows me to take SWAT or heavy SWAT and also allows you to have guards surrender. The guards surrender is the most important part for me. If a guard is a problem on a map, you can just yell at them, and you don't have to kill them.


This only matters if you're doing a pacifist challenge. For the most part, killing them is just easier because you can hide the body and put people around wherever you want them to be. That said, I did use this to get the spec-ops achievement. Sky just because you don't actually have to kill them, you can just tie down two separate guards, which gives you a lot of control over the map and allows you to get the pacifist achievement fairly easily.

I like taking this, but I'm not using it out loud. I'm not using it for the SWAT or anything like that, but this does allow you to take guards, and under normal circumstances, guards don't surrender to me, so whether that gets changed in the future or not, for now I'm taking medicine. Grifter and Hacker are super-important trees.


Grifter as long as you're masked off and within one meter of a civilian or employee gain. Rush This is great for maps that you don't mask up on; it's also great for getting Rush with these next couple of perks, like walking the walk, as long as you're unmasked and have Rush. Cameras can't detect you trespassing in private areas; this is fantastic for Golden Shark.

For instance, if you can get to the second floor without having to put your mask on, this allows you to pretty much freely run around the second floor and complete all the other objectives. Cameras don't care, civilians don't care, and there's a lot of civilians to bump into to just get Rush automatically from the first part of Grifter.

Also social engineering, as long as you're unmasked and have Rush employees ignore you for performing illegal actions. This is great for maps like dirty ice; it allows you to rob the entirety of the front room without putting your mask on. Pretty cool I like this talent a lot. Open-mic radios are 50% faster; that's just nice for the few times you actually have to answer radios.


After getting cuffed by a guard, you can break free of lock by lockpicking the cuffs. This isn't super useful in a lot of scenarios because you shouldn't be getting arrested anyway. It also immediately masks you up when you lockpick the cuffs. But I will say that this is a part of my speedrun strategy for Rock the Cradle if I don't happen to get the, sorry, the radio hack off on a guard super quick and he cuffs me.

It's cool i can still do this and continue on for my 1 minute and 30 second speedrun right now. It's quicker than not, but it is something that does help. It does have its purpose. It can help you not completely lose a run when you get caught somewhere you're not supposed to get caught. It's just kind of nice to have.

Hacker, these are right here. These two are where your first couple of points should go if you're just getting skill points and you're brand new to the game. Hacker Basic. Allows you to hack into the CCTVs. So that you can get into cameras, you can go around through the camera network, and you can move cameras out of the way if you're playing with your friends so that they physically can't see them and won't detect them; just have them stare at the roof.


That's awesome because it allows you to get two run times and overload cameras so that they explode. The overloading doesn't matter if you play on Overkill like I do, and you probably should be because you'll be learning better habits by playing on Overkill than you will playing on Lower if you're stealthing.

Hey guys! Hope you've been enjoying Payday 3 as much as I have! I got a lot of questions on Stream about my stealth setup and why I run things the way I do.
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