Payday 3 Best Stealth Build: Stealth Build Guide With Explanation And Ranking For Stealth Skills



I'm going to show you what I believe to be the best stealth build in Payday 3. After I show you what perks I'm using. I'm going to go over which ones are the most important out of all of them, and then I'll be giving you a few potential swap-outs, and finally. I'll be showing you how to actually use them.

Skills and skill explanations

Under the infiltrator tree, I have an infiltrator and quick fingers. The Escapist tree of Escapist and Swift under Grifter, I have Grifter walk the walk social engineering and slippery, and then under Hacker, I have Hacker secure Loop and glitch protocol. In the number one spot, I have Glitch protocol.

This makes it to the point where you can hack a guard's radio and it will stop whatever they're doing. On top of this, they get distracted for five seconds, and then they go back to what they were doing before. So, say a guard was about to detain you; you can just attack their phone, and they'll forget about it.

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My second pick is slippery and makes it to the point where, if you get arrested, you can break out of the cuffs. This is going to make you mask up and put the guards into search mode, but there are a lot of situations where you can pretty much brute force your way through a stealth area by moving through and then getting arrested, then just breaking out of the cuffs, and the cards pretty much forget about you.

It's kind of like having an extra life on your stealth run. Loop Similarly, you don't need Rush Gritter Edge, and basically, what you can do is set a camera to be on a loop, and that camera just won't be able to detect you. This is really powerful because you can basically move through the map and just be hacking the cameras as you go along, and the cameras don't mean really anything at that point.

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At some of the higher difficulties, you can only hack them for five seconds, but even at that point, it's extremely useful, and most of the time you can get through where you need to be just in that five-second number, four. I am an escapist. That's because you can very easily get rush, and rush is needed for most of your stealth skills.

It also makes you faster. Being fast is important for being stealthy. Escapist is going to give you a rush just from sprinting for three seconds, so the requirement is very little, and it will allow you to use a lot of other powerful stealth skills. Number five: I have grifters. Grifter makes it to the point where if you're masked off and you move past the employee or civilian, you get Rush, another very easy skill to gain Rush with, and it's instant on top of that if you have your mask on, then civilians get intimidated by you when they see you, and the range for this is pretty far 10 meters, so basically what that means is the civilian is just going to be intimidated and stop moving, and you have time to deal with the civilian before they actually take action.

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If you're in a room with multiple civilians, a lot of times you'll be able to hit them all with your gun and take care of them without killing them before anything has actually happened. Number six, I have social engineering. This makes it so that when you have Rush employees ignore your legal actions this means that you can basically ignore the employees a lot.

The problem with this is that you have to be unmasked for it, or else it would be even more powerful. But if you're doing a no-mask run, then you can basically just get Rush with Grifter and Escapist. And then most of the people on the map are just going to ignore you in general, so at this point, he pretty much just has to worry about guards and cameras.


Number seven: I have quick fingers. This makes it to the point where, when you have Rush, you'll immediately open a lock if you jiggle the lock at the right time. There are a lot of places in this game where there's going to be something like a camera setup or a guard standing in a spot, and that's looking at a locked door, and, with quick fingers a lot of the time, you'll be able to unlock the door so fast that you can unlock it and get through it before you're fully detected by a garter camera.

Number eight. I have an infiltrator, which is necessary to have quick fingers, but this makes it so that when you pick a lock or kill an enemy with a throwing knife, you're going to get rushed, and when guards begin to detect you, you get rushed. This is going to make a lot of your other stealth skills active and usable at this point.

Number nine: I have walked the walk. This is really powerful, kind of like social engineering, where as long as you haven't put your mask on yet, cameras aren't going to detect you when you're in a private area. The downfall of this is that in secure areas or illegal actions, they'll still detect you, and you also have to have a rush.

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Something I want to point out is that if you're doing a mission where you stay masked from the beginning, then social engineering and walking the walk are completely useless. A lot of the time, what you want to do is start a stealth mission and stay unmasked as long as you possibly can, and that will keep these active and viable, and that makes it to the point where you can be using all of your stealth perks, and they're going to save you a lot. Number 10 I have Swift, for the most part this is just going to make you move around faster but there are select few areas where you can actually get through an area where a camera's facing or something in time for it to not detect you whereas you would normally get detected and finally I have hacker, this can be a lot better than where I placed it based on your play style like, if you don't know the map yet or you don't know the layout then being able to swap through cameras is really useful, you are going to need it anyways to have secure Loop and glitch protocol which are two of the best you can also use it to overload a device and cause an electrical explosion most, of the time that part isn't really going to mean much because you could just shoot the camera and then shoot whoever you're going to stun and it would have the same effect some, other good skills that I would say are deviable to swap out especially depending on if you're doing like full mast and you don't need walk a walk or social engineering.

Substitution skills and skills for other playstyles

Substitution skills and skills for other playstyles

You can have an appliance breach, and that's going to let you use distractions without having to get close to them if you're going in blind and you don't really know where things are going. Routed ping can also be useful most of the time if you've done a mission a few times. You're going to know the guards general route so they go through; for me personally, the guards being marked doesn't make a huge difference, but that does depend on your play style.

This guide was made with the goal of showing and explaining what I believe to be the best stealth build in Payday 3, but depending on your playstyle, a few perks could be substituted. Other Payday 3 videos.
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