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Hello, my amazing sexy mofos! This is your boy venom here. I really do hope you're all okay and having an amazing day so far. In today's article, I am back with a new series for payday free, a new article for payday 3. We're starting it off with a stealth builder. I've been playing Payday 3 for a lot of hours recently.

But now let's jump straight into the earth. Let's start by showing you the most important thing about the skill build: You're going to want an infiltrator? That is super, super important. This is for a proper stealth build to actually take stealth seriously. Quick fingers are an absolute must-have dagger and are helpful because doing stealth you almost always have a rush, so if you want to be able to grab the loop faster, throw a bagger on as well, but it's optional.

Escapists are super important, usually at the start of a heist as well. Just a straightaway sprint gets rushed to be able to pick blocks instantly and just get through any gate or any door you want. Super important: these two cards next to it are completely optional. I'll show you two different stealth builds: social engineering as well as Open Mic, which is very helpful there just to answer radios a little bit quicker if you've taken down multiple guards now.


For the last hacker, you want that aced just so you can have an additional run time, and that's for security. Loop so you can take control of two cameras just so you can bypass pretty much any area last, but not least glitch protocol just to be able to hack the radios on the guards just to be able to fix some minor mistakes or just to at least buy yourself some time that, is the build if you want to mix it up a little bit though I recommend putting on this, one strategist right here and Acer just so you get an additional Mark and they last a little bit longer.

But marks aren't really fully necessary if you are actually constantly playing the heist. You start to memorize the guard patterns, so if you have already memorized whatever map you are doing, then you might want to take that off and then just have the other deck on instead, just so you can actually Rob.

the jewelry store, for example, in front of employees without them actually detecting you because you're almost always Rush when doing a stealth attempt.

Payday 3 | Best Stealth Build For Heists Easy Stealth Payday 3 Guides.
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