Payday 3 Best Infamy Farm Solo Or Team: Insane Infamy Farm That Will Help You Level Fast

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I'm going to show you the best infamy farm and PayDay 3. With this method, I was able to gain levels and 800 infamy points in 22 minutes. We're going to go touch this guy on Overkill. If your bots respawn when you're in this bathtub, then they'll just stay in the bathtub as long as you don't push out too far, and that can be really helpful for keeping them in an actual useful spot.

Get an Overkill weapon; you can have it delivered out here; it's a little risky to use. Try not to shoot at anyone who's too close to you. Be careful about moving too far away from the bathroom because your bots will start to move into the corners and stuff, and then they're basically less useful.

They can still revive you, but they're going to be standing and staring at a corner a lot, not shooting, not suppressing, and not drawing fire. Once you finally die or feel satisfied, you'll get your infamy. Whether you finish the mission or not, finishing the actual mission isn't going to help your infamy progression as much as just camping and shooting.


That took me 22 minutes, and I got 800 infamy points and four infamy levels. The perch you want to use for this are ammo specialists and scroungers, so you can use your consumables and get challenges for those I used plated up. It didn't seem to do that much, but these are really essential. Mower, ammo funnel, and replenish—that's going to let you stand there and not have to run out to get your ammo pickups.

Tank is kind of nice. Disengage can be decent, the bots being stuck really helps with not needing this though, and then Sharpshooter is really nice for just getting edge whenever you want it; all you have to do is ads. Finally, enforcer and shock and awe are both really good to have as well; this is going to keep people staggered and just give you overall suppression, as well as give you grit and edge.

If you're high enough to afford it, then it can be really useful to have demolitionists and then also have blowback. Basically, what you can do is, when you start getting overwhelmed with enemies and there are a ton of enemies in that whole way, you can throw a flashbang and then just throw one immediately after, and it's going to make all of the enemies that got hit lose their armor, aside from the special enemies.

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Something else that would be extremely useful is having a cutting shot. I wasn't really at a high enough infamy level going into this to have some of the things that would help, and then I think recoil handling and suppressive fire would also be great additions to this. Under the tank tree, you can get Last Man Standing, and then you could also grab those medic packs every time that you do actually get downed.

So there are going to be two Med kits in the bathroom, and each time you get downed and rock Last Man Standing, you can stand up and then grab them. Also, if your AI doesn't throw a glitch Med kit in the bathtub and you can actually interact with that, then that's going to save you as well. I've seen Disengage recommend doing this.

I think having the glitch bots on your team kind of makes us a real event because they'll take care of cloakers or zappers if they get you, and that's

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