Payday 3 All Weapon Tier List - Which Is The Best. And The Worst


It's Cobra here, and today I've got the full payday 3 weapon. Duelist for you, so let's dive right in. Starting off with the SP Model 11 or Dev 1911 This pistol is a decent choice with good damage, but it does have considerable recoil where it can get the job done. There are better options available, so I'm pressing it in the B tier.

It's a rubber side on, but not exceptional moving on to the Ku-59. Also known as the AK-47, this assault rifle has very good damage to the solid markers in size, making it a great choice. It has a decent ammo pickup rate and manageable recoil, earning it a comfortable spot in the eighth year, making it an elaborate and versatile weapon now.

Let's talk about the car 4, as some of you may call it, for it serves as an assorted weapon. This one is a bit tricky initially. I considered placing it in the seat tier, but it might get crowded later on. The Core 4 has some issues, including a bit of MLP cap rate, but it compensates with a swift reload speed above average fire rate for an assault rifle and minimal recoil, so it finds its place in the bay tier for now.

best dsod build

Okay, now guys, brace yourselves for the SA A144. The meta weapon that is currently breaking the game is an absolute beast, and it earns an S-tier spot without question. This rifle is currently the best to open in the game, coupled with the right skill features. Good ammo pickup rate, incredibly high damage, and impressive fire rate for DMR manageable, recoiling, and outstanding range It's undoubtedly the best gun in the game right now, next up to the Moscone 12 or double-barrel shotgun, which fortunately doesn't quite live up to expectations.

It doesn't synergize well with its intended build due to its cool range and underwhelming damage for a double-barreled shotgun. It's made worse by its mediocre reload speed earning at the city ranking. Hopefully, future updates will change it and change the skill set for it. The Streak 7, also known as the Glock, is a solid pistol choice.

It features a massive magazine size with extended mags, a good fire rate, and slightly above-average damage on difficulties other than Overkill. This sidearm can and will shred through cops even though it's not fully automatic, as we usually expected. It secures a strong A2 spot for its versatility and effectiveness now.

best loud build

Let's discuss the SG Compact 7 or MP7. It finally gets its moment in the spotlight, but unfortunately, it doesn't shine as brightly as we had hoped, but it has a good pickup rate. It falls short in terms of range and damage. It does offer a high fire rate, but the lack of damage and constant reloading make this weapon impractical due to its decent performance despite our difficulties.

It earns a spot in the city. The Northwest B9 looks great on paper, but in practice, it comes with a lengthy reload, below-average damage, above-average fire rate, and moderate visual recoil. These attributes make it a recipe for mediocrity, despite its drawbacks. It's still a type better than some other options, depending on it at the bottom of the state tier.


Let's move on to the revolvers, the castigon's first advisor. These two are truly exceptional with the right build; they can one-top cops from close range even on Overkill difficulty; they perform impressively compared to most other guns in the game; they can even let you solo an Overkill run with the right build; so both of these have always been confirmed to take their place in the S tier.

The VF-7s, or its car, is a sad case of a final unlockable weapon that features a small magazine, slow reload, considerable visual recoil, and a lack of range. While it can deal great damage up close, it falls short in other categories. I believe that with full customization, it might improve, but it's not worth the time investment when other guns perform better.

As it says in the article, the other shotgun, the Rhinefield 880, is surprisingly effective and deserves its place in the eighth year. It accessed with one shot kills at close range and offers good mobility, impressive damage, and a decent fire rate for a shotgun. It's particularly useful on smaller maps, and when paired with its intended skill set, it offers an amazing weapon for shotgun numbers.


Now let's discuss the starter pistol, the 0240. As you'd expect from a starting weapon, it's a bit underwhelming; it features very poor damage and a mid-sized magazine. Lower fire rates and falls in the city could work as a backup option, but not much more. On the other hand, the signature 403 The sibling of the signature 40 is a significant improvement; it offers great damage, a good magazine size, and a decent fire rate.

The signature 403 has some decent recoil and maintains a below-average ammo pickup rate for a pistol, and the secondary weapon excels and can save the day in a tight spot and make you come out on top in the pinch, so it takes its place in the 8th. Here, the thick PC9 SMG is up next. It features a very high fire rate, but its damage is very bad.

It has a swift reload speed and a good ammo pickup rate. However, the fact that it takes over half a magazine to kill one cop makes it practical even with a swift reload and high fire rate. It's just an impractical weapon that I don't enjoy using, and it gets a CT ranking. Now it's time to address the two worst weapons in Payday 3, both of which land in the D-tier.

dsod build

The Reinfeld, 900 sniper, and rifle have their share of issues. Its insufficient damage for a sniper and inconsistency in one shot case on Overkill difficulty, a very slow bolt action reload and below normal reload speed for a sniper, and it also forces you to scope out of the shooting, which severely impacts its usability and ruins the gameplay flow.

The inconsistent damage to Sniper puts it firmly in the details. Zip Commando Last but not least, see what I did there? We have the zip command. Another detail is that it comes with a very small magazine. High fire rate and a decent reload, but its damage is extremely lacking, and sometimes the full magazine can't even kill.


One Cop: its portable pickup rate for an SMG further worsens its value. This weapon is simply unacceptable, and the news is able, and now let's sort out the tears. S2 remains unchanged at 80; it does need some adjustments. I think the street goes to the back BTUs, is the scar, and Carr4 goes to the front CTU, places the SG in fact 7 and the fake PC9 at the forefront, and the detail stands as is with the sniper topping the thief Commando slightly because you can say a trend with it, but that concludes this payday 3 weapon to your list.

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