Payday 3 A114 Sentinel Rifle. Is It Worth It. 500 C-stacks

Sentinel sniper rifle and I'm going to show you if it is worth it or not I had to pay 500 in-game C stacks for this it was very expensive, so let's get straight into the article so the first thing I want to show you is just the gun in the main lobby as you can see it has a very nice skin on it the colors look amazing and it looks very nice, we go here though as you can see since it's a preset gun you cannot customize it as if you were to take a regular gun and you can customize it just like this so this one is not customizable so you are stuck with this preset so if you do purchase this be aware of that you are stuck with this, build so as you can see we're on no rest for the wicked I have the gun right now.

As you can see, it's a one-tap just like the original SA, a114, but it does have better skin. Some things I want to add that are bad about this gun are that the scope is really bad; you're super zoomed in with this scope, and you cannot change the scope. You are stuck with this scope pretty much forever, unless you want to use the customizable one, so if you're not a sucker for skins, don't buy this; it's really not that worth it in my opinion.

But after this is over. I'm going to be showing you guys the pros and cons of this gun that I made and whether this gun is fully worth it or not, so I'm going to let this play out for a little bit longer, and then I'll go into the pros and cons. So now that we're out of the lobby, I do want to go through a pros and cons list of this gun, so the pros of this gun are one.

It looks really nice, and I think the skin on it looks amazing. I don't think they could have done anything better. I think it looks really good. The second pro is that if you have this right now, you are flexing on everybody, because I don't think anybody else has it, or at least I've not seen anybody else who has this gun.

But there are a lot of cons to this gun. As I said before, number one is that the scope is really bad and it's really big. It takes up a lot of your screen. The zoom is really bad, and you cannot customize it. Number two, it's very expensive; it was 500 C stacks. I don't remember how much money that exactly was, but it was 500 C stacks for me to purchase this.

Number three, it's literally the same as the regular SAA 1114, just with a skin, and you can't customize it, so it's not that worth it. And last but not least, it has a weird recoil since there's no front grip on it, and you can't put a front grip on it; the gun just shoots up more. And personally, I just would rather use the regular one, where I can customize it and make it however I want.

That's the pros and cons of this, Gun. Conclusion: Do not buy it; it's not worth it.

in this video i show you if the a114 sentinel rifle is worth the 500 c stacks price. i will show gameplay of the gun as well as a pros and cons list of if its worth it or not. make sure to stick to the end to find out! sorry for mic being weird.
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