Payday 3, A Game Stripped Of Personality

In Payday 2, the word serus had a bright red underline in it, and for the developers, you had a Kimbo SMG's dragon's breath. John Wick Yeah, he was there, and we had to hire the impersonator. Though Keo Re was too busy with 100 of you, Breathtaker, you're able to customize your character to run around and dodge bullets with dual shotguns.

You could become a head-popping tank that would instantly regenerate armor with every kill, or you could use the tryhard build and clear every single death sentence without any trial whatsoever in Payday 3. It's just your standard, default shooting game. Don't get me wrong, it's better, but Payday 2 was made in a car engine, mainly held together by duct tape and prayers.

Obviously, the Unreal Engine 4 that Payday 3 runs on is better, and I will admit the shooting is smooth. I can make the walls, I can slide, and I can actually feel like I'm playing a AAA shooter, but that's the thing. It's just a normal-ass shooting game. Payday should not be a normal shooting game yet.

It feels like he's trying to be the most bland, stereotypical game ever. This is no better exemplified than the perks in Payday 2. We had a diverse set of SEOS to spec into that would grant unique perks and perk decks that offered whole new ways to play the game. Yes, some of them were objectively useless and some of them were downright necessary, but the point is, all of them were unique, and it was fun to try out that perk deck that you haven't yet.

Now take all that uniquity and throw it away because in Payday 3 we have three benefits: do more damage, take less damage, and go faster. That's it maybe I'm just describing it that way. Nope, they do it themselves. The only buffs you get in this game are Edge Grit and Rush, a straight, plain bus with no strings attached.

Sure, their activation conditions are different, but you're not going out of your way to execute these buffs; they're more like in the background. In Payday 2, you self-ultimate yourself just to get a 25% speed boost. Trust me, the multiple third-degree burns are worth it. Complementing these bland stats Buffs to your character are the badge that Buffs to your guns, just your typical additions of attachments.

Sure, Payday 2 had that too, with actual numbers, but most of the attachments actually changed the way you could play the game. For example, if you were building for damage, you wanted to lower the concealment of your gun to accommodate sneaky bastards. That type of gun building and accommodation for perks just isn't present in Payday 3.

Also, why did they remove load-out names and load-out appearances? Don't get me wrong, cutscenes can be great; actually, get me wrong, cutscenes suck, especially when it's the majority of a story in a article game. I don't want to sit through payday 3. The Return of the Heisers is now in theaters.

Just let me play the damn game. Additionally, the cutscenes and the missions are arranged in this boring ass menu that's just missing a Modern Warfare 3 Lad logo on top. In Payday 2, we had Crime N, and while it wasn't perfect or even good, it was a selection screen that perfectly fit that game and not just a generic preset.

The only way for Starb to redeem themselves against the prestigious bashing, in my opinion, was for them to implement a better stealth system since I'm a ninja and I hate myself. I love doing stealth in Payday 2, and I subjected myself to learning all the mechanics of it. I love the broken mess that was the stealth in that game, but I was ready to move on and experience a different system in Payday 3.

They actually improved it somewhat; we got luros and cameras now combined with the phone and some cool epic mini games. Stealth is somewhat bearable now that the bag moving simulator is still very much present, but at least now there are fewer bags since there are die packs that ruin your loot and they can't all be diffused if you're playing solo.

They punish you for being alone; that's kind of based on some reason; they got rid of body bags, and you can just pick up the body straight. Now, remember the fun mechanics of shotgun launching since you couldn't kill Sims willy-nilly without running out of body bags? Now you can kill them however you like and bring them wherever you like.

I'm not saying this game needed to bring back an unintended mechanic that was used to circumvent limitations, but I'm saying the game feels a lot more boring without it since the game has to be a game and can't just be a straight walk into a bank and take stuff out; we have to deal with objectives.

In the first game, this was mostly this piece of junk. And, bye, in Payday 3, the drill doesn't jam, but most of the objectives still mostly involve buying time for you to kill some baddies; it's fine but not too interactive. On the other hand, we have stealth. This was something that was majorly overhauled, and luckily it is a bit better since we aren't in America anymore.

They don't shoot you on site if you're unmasked; instead, they turn their back to this very obvious threet so you can stick stuff on their back or steal their key cards. I will say that a lot of the objectives are things, and how do we achieve them? fun, we make circles on the ground that you have to stand on, of course, but since this is only the first few maps, surely they will get more innovative over the years with the DLC that they promise to bring out.

Speaking of that, let's discuss their DLC. Model, I finally hacked in. I'm the evil Zen bubble. I'm like the normal Zen bubble, except I abuse my workers to maximize profit. I heard he was talking about monetization in an already paid game, so I had to object and put in my two cents, if you will.

In Payday 2. I love how they made 50 million packs that cost a fortune to own all of them, so it really makes me happy that they seem to be following the same model by releasing a half-finished game and then calling the content that should be in the game updates, thus creating the illusion of continuing support for those who need it.

Anyway, I have an emerald mine. Anyway, subscribe and like so I can get more money from [Laughter]

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