Payday 3 - 99 Boxes (stealth) Very Hard All Loot - Tech Mogul & No Stone Unturned Achievement/trophy

99 boxes

Macca's guides, hey. I'm going to show you how to grab both of the achievements for 99 boxes, including securing the maximum amount of loot and getting both of the high-tech devices at their maximum value. We'll be playing on the very hard difficulty and doing the vast majority of this mission in stealth; we actually break it on purpose at the end because it's way faster before starting.

I would recommend going to the Arms Dealer and buying a zipline bag favor that you end up using in this run, and for your loadout, you may have more luck if you use the light ballistic armor lining. I'll be explaining this as though you are doing it solo, but doing it with a co-op partner or a full group will make this faster and easier.

For the first guard on the east, you can actually hack him right through the door, and then you will stay in range if you stay inside the ticket booth. This is a very easy strategy to stay in stealth, but for this, you can also just approach the guard, let him spot you, and as he's escorting you off the premises, you can hack the phone, and he'll just escort you back outside.


Then you can go and grab the other guard, so that's the first two things we're going to do. We're going to hack the East Phone and the West Phone. We need both of the phones to be hacked in order to gain entrance to the high-tech devices later on in the mission, and then our next course of action after we do this will be to destroy the security guard at the camera station.

Let's go and grab the other phone. By going to the left side here, you can make a pretty quick route to the guard by lockpicking your way through, watching out for cameras, and then sprinting into the guard, making sure he sees you. As soon as he sees you, he will escort you off the premises, and this is the easiest way to do this, as he's an escrow hack.

payday 3

Just make sure you follow him all the way out. At this point just make sure you follow him all the way out this should leave you with more than enough time to hack the phone all the way and, at that point we can now start trying to head inside to, disable the cameras and work on some of the routes we'll need to keep in stealth as long as possible opening, both of the high-tech components easily requires us to stay in stealth for as long as possible so, stay in stealth if you want to make this easy if you break stealth it's not a huge deal but it will cause a lot of forces to come and get you at this point you can now put on your mask and go through the truck at the front gate which leads directly into the warehouse there, will be four wooden boxes you have to look out for but the first cause of action is hug the right wall and head towards the trailer opening, up the back Continue hugging the right wall, and feel free to take out any guards on the main floor if you continue hugging the wall.

Make sure you obviously answer the radios of any of these guards, but you will find the security office room. But it's actually lying to you; you can just walk in straight through the door if this is patched in the future, and you do require a blue key card. It's usually found on a guard inside the shipping container yard, and you'll have to grab it off of him and then come back here, which can be a little bit tricky with the downstairs camera room taken care of and any guards that are getting in the way also taken care of.


I'd highly recommend stashing them in the security room, as no one really visits there. You may also have some civilians who get in the way; make sure to tie them down. You can now look for the liquid coolant inside one of the four wooden boxes. Grab the liquid coolant and then place it in the truck.

Now what we'll have to do is hack the computer again. If you're in a co-op, this is something you can split amongst the members of your group. You'll get it done a lot more quickly if one person's taking out a guard and one person's taking out the cameras. When one person's putting the coolant into the truck, you save a lot of time not having to do things in order now.

To hack the computer, you'll want to go upstairs. There will be a guard roaming around here. I would recommend leaving this guard alive, but we are going to take him out in this gameplay. You will probably have more success if you let him out. Just chill out as long as he doesn't spot you, because that'll give you an extra radio that you can use later.

But once you do get upstairs, lockpick through that door in that side office in order to find the computer. Start the hack on the computer and take out the guard if you choose, or let him be. If you take him out, make sure you take his body to the security camera room. This is the safest place for it to be.

Once the computer hack is done, interact with it, and this should spawn you with a zipline bag. If you use the favor that I mentioned at the beginning of the article, you'll have a very easy way to zipline across into the correct courtyard. You can get East or West; it will just be a mirror image of each other pretty much if you don't use the zipline favor.

I think it spawns near the back of the facilities, which can just require you to do a little bit of extra sneaking now before you zipline across. Take a look into the storage container area and look for the five white containers. Those are going to be the five containers we need to loot; two of them have high-tech components, and three of them have two bags of cash each, which makes up the total of eight bags that will be required to loot if we want to grab all of the loot on hard difficulty achievement.

Stay in stealth as much as possible and get into your first container using the QR code. Interacting with the panel once inside starts the mini game where you have to stand in the circles to fill up the bypass security. Guard thing in the top left corner, so do that and open it up. Do not take the item inside until you are ready to run the route and deliver it.

You can only do one of these containers at a time, so if your co-op group splits up, you can't do both, but it is a good decision to have someone on the other side running their stealth route just to get into position now. Once you do get the container, you have to sprint back into the truck as fast as possible, and this is a good route for an easy one to not get spotted.

You're going to want to mantle over the fence, as the fence will be locked because you're still in stealth. You can then head up some of the boxes and go inside if you're in the other container yard; it's a very similar, almost identical, path. It'll actually be easier to stay in stealth since there are fewer guards, but make sure you throw the bag into the loading area before the bar on the left turns.

Payday 3 - 99 Boxes Stealth Very Hard All Loot - Tech Mogul No Stone Unturned AchievementTrophy Guide - On 99 Boxes secure both hi-tech devices at their maximum value on Very Hard or above and Complete 99 Boxes having secured the maximum amount of bags on Hard or above. Mission 99 Boxes. Player Count 1-4 Players. Difficulty Very Hard.
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